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Celebrate 15 Years in the Field with us!

HistoriCorps' community of donors, volunteers and students saves stories in some of the country's most stunning places by learning and putting into practice the skills to maintain and restore historic buildings. Every year, HistoriCorps trains hundreds of volunteers, students, and young adults in traditional trades, then puts those skills to work saving historic and cultural resources across the country.

HistoriCorps relies on financial support from our community to prepare for the year ahead - and this year we are celebrating 15 years and 500 buildings saved by our Workforce for Saving Places. Support the next 15 years of saving places with HistoriCorps by making a gift.

From restocking tools to training field staff, your commitment to the stories and places you love is what will save the next 500 buildings and inspire new generations of history-lovers and tradespeople.


"Staff are amazing teachers. Knowing how to get the work done and how to lead/train newbies are two different skill sets and they nailed them both. I am interested in a career in historic preservation and I learned so much from watching her think through and plan our work. The were so friendly, really made us feel at home and kept our spirits high through hard work in the hot sun." - Student

"Despite the vast knowledge of the leaders of the project, no one was left behind do to lack of experience or knowledge of how to get a task done. Staff were extremely helpful in explaining what needed to be done and assisting in steps that were a little more complicated." - Volunteer

"It was a really great experience getting to learn and accomplish so much this summer. All of the folks working on behalf of HistoriCorps really blew me away with their patience, passion, and friendliness during the process. I feel the skills I've gained will also really allow me to give back to our local community in a whole new way." - Volunteer


Our mission is to inspire a preservation ethic in all by engaging volunteers and students in saving historic places.

Background Statement

HistoriCorps was established in 2009 to bring a hands-on approach to saving the country's endangered historic buildings. Inspired by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) of the 20th century, HistoriCorps follows in its tradition while pursuing innovative models for a 21st century context. Today, HistoriCorps celebrates the more than 2,000 volunteers, youth, and students who join us in more than 50 expert-led preservation projects across the country annually. Our ten-year strategic plan calls upon us to become the exemplary leader of experiential historic preservation learning for volunteers and youth; one that inspires and expands the preservation community by investing in workforce development programs and projects of importance to historically under-represented populations.

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