Historic St. Elmo and Chalk Creek Canyon, Inc.

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HSE & CCC is striving to protect, preserve and share the historic resources of Chalk Creek Canyon, many of which are 140 years old, but we need your help. Your donations, interest and volunteerism can help save this nationally recognized ghost town and mining district for future generations.


A St. Elmo resident who is a volunteer for HSE & CCC recently said "It is very rare that one can work with an organization that is making such a dramatic difference in the place you live".

4th Grade Student Letter of thanks for Filed Trips:
Nolan - Dear St. Elmo Vounteers,
Thank you so much of giving us a tour of the whole town. I really liked the part when we did one jack drilling and double jack drilling. I learned you never pick something up and take it because others would never see it again.

A father described to his young toddler what HSE & CCC does, "They provide a nice place for the Chipmunks to live".

A recent visitor from Ireland said "The buildings in St. Elmo are the Castles of the West".

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The mission of the organization is to preserve, promote, and protect the significant historic resources in the ghost town of St. Elmo and the Chalk Creek Canyon historic mining district in Chaffee County, Colorado.

Background Statement

HSE & CCC was formed in 2010 by founding board members that recognized the urgent need for preservation of historic resources in Chalk Creek Canyon and that no other existing organization had the resources and energy to take on this monumental endeavor.

The organization has worked toward the preservation of historic resources and the education of the public by:

Accepting the donation of ten historic buildings in St. Elmo-commerical, residentail and municipal

Documentation of historic cemeteries in the canyon

Conducting a Reconnaissance Survey of historic resources in the Chalk Creek Mining District through a CO State Historical Fund Grant

Entering into a Partnership Agreement with the US Forest Service for the preservation of resources in the canyon

Conducting building, walking and 4th Grade Field Trip Tours of St. Elmo

Conducting Preservation, Planning & Stabilization work to HSE owned buildings thanks to six grants awarded by the CO State Historical Fund ($377,171): Pushor Building, Cash-Criss, Home Comfort Hotel/Stark Bros. Mercantile and the American House Hotel Parlor.

The majority of the board has a long standing association with the canyon and represents expertise in education, historic preservation, finance, business and history.

Our membership is comprised of Canyon property owners, County residents and visitors who are supportive of our efforts to preserve the

unique buildings, history and storys of Chalk Creek Canyon.

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Historic St. Elmo and Chalk Creek Canyon, Inc.

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CR 162 St. Elmo
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