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Imagine a world in balance- abundant food, cohesive communities- a secure future for all beings.

That's the dream we're working to make real.

Indigenous People are 5% of the world population and steward 80% of the Earth's resources. Yet their knowledge is left out of larger discussions and decision making regarding climate change action and public policies to preserve natural resources.

According to "Women, Wealth and Impact: Investing with a Gender Lens (2015)," the UN estimates if women received resources (credit, land, information, training, seeds, & fertilizer) on par with men, the additional yield could reduce the number of undernourished people by 100-150 million.


What students are saying about Activate and Elevate:

Diane https://youtu.be/XIC2J6QmyM8

Caroline https://youtu.be/E2_jpKZDIUo

Teresa https://youtu.be/PztiHG3ojBk

Katiri https://youtu.be/bOiqJv3u_fc

Andrew https://youtu.be/eyMd7KH5A6U


To ignite the Artivist (Artist/Activist) in us all, in order to move our passions to purpose, for the betterment of women, children and our Mother Earth.

Background Statement

For most of Founder, Alicia Fall's adult career she worked in the music industry. Around 2008 she found herself being asked to perform a great deal for fundraisers and benefit concerts, so she decided why not marry the humanitarian side with her artistic world and Her Many Voices was formed in 2009. HMV started out as artists responding to humanitarian need and as the organization grew it quickly included Global community members as well as activist.

The focus of it's first year was assisting individuals and communities in need. In 2010 a massive earthquake hit Haiti and HMV provided Medical and food supplies. A few weeks after the quake Ms Fall traveled to Haiti with Tamara Cantave, Founder of Help Hayti, a Haitian woman run educational nonprofit based in NY.

Traveling to Haiti she witnessed firsthand the country's devastation and the resiliency of its people. It was clear the best way to serve would be in rural areas. After meeting with community members it was decided Her Many Voices and Help Hayti would create a school in the village of Trou ChouChou. To date we have 185 students enrolled at St Alphonse de Cadet.

While in Trou ChouChou we met with many women in the community and within no time we had partnered with 7 women's businesses. Our commitment was to provide practical education for key members of each group. They in turn would train their members and so on.

We realized early on, the most practical way to provide effective programs for the women was to collaborate with an established local business who knew the needs of their communities. At the end of 2010 we partnered with Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve. Wynne is a women owned and family operated nature reserve that has operated for over 60 years. They facilitate all of our Haiti programs. We provide 3-4 trainings/year. Trainings have included: Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Education, Sustainable Farming and Reforestation. This year Beekeeping and Rabbit Farming have been added to the list.

In 2013 HMV received its nonprofit status and expanded its practical educational programming with arts education for underserved populations (Indigenous, low income, minority and "at-risk") in CO, CA and NY.

2013 Staff training at The NeuroSculpting Institute

2013 Partnered with The NeuroSculpting Institute to train key refugee community leaders for our Refugee Ambassador Program in Denver, CO.

In April 2013 HMVF received the Senator Jospeh P Addabbo, Jr Achievement Award for its work with the Community Advocacy Center of New York.

July 2013 Alicia Fall spoke at TEDx Talk - Front Range to speak on the work of Her Many Voices. The talk is called The Art of Igniting Action.

2014 - 2016 HMV's arts education program, Activate & Educate traveled between CO, NY, CA and Haiti providing camps and workshops. Programs included partnering with Cleo Parker Robinson, Youth on Record and I Can Jam Records.

2016 Concert Fundraiser with The Lionel Young Band and Erica Brown

2016 - 2017 Intergenerational agricultural programs at St Alphonse de Cadet, Haiti.

April 2017 Alicia Fall was invited to The Spirit of Humanities Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland as a participant and facilitator. This is a forum of global peace leaders.

May 2017 we were invited to The Netherlands to share our Activate & Elevate program with senior citizens of the Indo (Dutch/Indonesian) community.

2017 Holiday Fundraiser with Hazel Miller

March 2018 First of a series of week long English classes at St Alphonse de Cadet.

March/April 2018 Restoration and trainings at Wynne Farm

April - Present: Team building, Marketing and Rebranding

2020 Started the Sovereignty Garden project

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