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Headwaters Alliance cares about land, water, plants, animals, and people! We understand the intrinsic relationship between environment and economy and aim to help both thrive. Your gift supports advocacy, education, stewardship, restoration, and community wellbeing in the upper Rio Grande Basin.


Testimonial - Edith Ward
I am so grateful to the Headwaters Alliance for working tirelessly to protect the Rio Grande headwaters. I believe that through their efforts I'll be able to enjoy this amazing land for years to come!

Testimonial - Bethany Talley
I am a direct recipient of the work of the Headwaters Alliance. Their work on the Willow Creek multi use trail means my home is connected to Creede's main street, which allows me to bike, walk, or run to work. The trail allows my family to remain a single car family which is a priority in my home.

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Headwaters Alliance cultivates a sustainable environmental and economic future for the Rio Grande Headwaters through community engagement, restoration, education, and innovation.

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Headwaters Alliance was established in 2016 to further and deepen the work of the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee (WCRC). WCRC was formed in the late 1990's by a small group of Mineral County residents who wanted to retain independence and determination in how to clean up a small mountain stream from the decades long impact of mining in Creede. Twenty years later, WCRC is proud of its achievement in implementing numerous projects within the watershed to reclaim, cleanup and restore many sites. Yet there is still much more to do -- both for Willow Creek and the entire upper Rio Grande basin of Mineral County. Headwaters Alliance was formed to provide vision, a formalized 501(c)(3) structure and leadership in implementing projects that beneficially impact the upper Rio Grande watershed -- socially, economically, and environmentally -- through on-going partnerships with WCRC, other Creede and Mineral County organizations and most important of all, our community members both local and global.

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