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Harmony Acres Equestrian Center improves human lives through the healing power of animals, providing evidence-based therapeutic programs delivered by licensed professionals. Additionally, rescued animals have a permanent and loving home.


Notable improvements for Harmony Acres program participants typically are realized in 4-6 weeks, with progress assessed weekly and formally at 6-8 weeks. Clients self-report the following results:
 88% realize increased personal confidence
 85% realize increased self-esteem
 80% realize improved outlook on life
 83% realize improved physical mobility (therapeutic riding)
 76% realize improved relationships

6-year old "Ana" was severely isolated during her formative years, being in a body cast as a result of structural deformities from birth. She was referred to Harmony Acres' Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy program due to her mother's concerns for Ana's social and emotional health and skills.

Within 10 sessions, Ana realized significant gains through work with the Harmony Acres' therapy team. Mom noted a drastic increase in Ana's confidence, self-esteem, and social-relatedness and - as a result of these improvements - Ana transitioned to the Therapeutic Riding program to continue developing her new-found confidence on the back of a horse.

Through Therapeutic Riding, Ana continued to flourish, enhancing her social/emotional well-being and confidence, and physical/body control. Ana learned to manage a 1,000-pound horse, then progressed to a Recreational Riding program where she now participates with typically-developed children. Financially less advantaged, Ana and her family are able to continue participation due to generous donor/community support.


To create a place where people and animals come together for the purpose of healing; to educate the community as to the value of every individual life.

Background Statement

Harmony Acres Equestrian Center started in 2014 to help both children and adults - particularly those who are often resistant to traditional therapies - via effective physical and mental/behavioral health treatments maximized by the involvement of animals.

Since opening, Harmony Acres has impacted the lives of more than 1,300 Mesa County residents: programs have grown to annually involve 40 or more animals, 75 volunteers and 200+ clients.

Harmony Acres is the only full-time equine and animal-assisted therapy facility in the Grand Valley, and has become integral to the continuum of services available for children and adults with physical, developmental, and/or intellectual disabilities, and those who have experienced physical or sexual abuse or trauma - including military veterans with PTSD or other mental health challenges.

Additionally, Harmony Acres provides a permanent home and purpose for animals - horses and otherwise - in need of sanctuary. In 2018, with the purchase of a 24-acre property in Loma, Colorado, Harmony Acres established a permanent home to make the greatest possible impact for abandoned/rescue animals, and to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality therapeutic treatment.

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