Happy Dog Ranch Horse Sanctuary

A nonprofit organization

At Happy Dog Ranch Horse Sanctuary, we change lives. We rescue horses who need help and provide a permanent home for them. We also serve as a nonprofit teaching center dedicated to equine-assisted therapy and lifelong learning. For more than a decade, Happy Dog Ranch has helped hundreds of horses and thousands of people benefit from the human-animal bond that flourishes here. 


Interacting with horses and nature provides a unique way for people to connect  with themselves and gain new skills. Happy Dog Ranch is proud to host inclusive programs for those seeking mental health or wellness support and learning experiences. We partner with practitioners who offer equine-assisted therapy, life coaching and education. 

Who We Serve

  • People of all ages and backgrounds
  • Those with physical or cognitive disabilities 
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • People who’ve experienced trauma and PTSD
  • Veterans, first-responders and other medical practitioners
  • Senior centers, schools and community groups
  • Corporations looking for volunteer opportunities and team-building venues, as well as leadership and stress-reduction training


Happy Dog Ranch embraces a compassionate, horse-centric philosophy that attracts others who share our approach. Our reputation for excellent horse keeping, rehabilitation and training methods allows us to partner with highly skilled and sought-after practitioners in the equine world. We regularly host clinics that draw participants from around the globe. We’re dedicated to creating a vibrant community of people who value continuous learning.

Who We Serve

  • Riders, trainers and horse enthusiasts 
  • Veterinarians, equine dentists and farriers
  • Practitioners of alternative therapies
  • Equine bodyworkers
  • Others interested in learning innovative approaches in their fields

Happy Dog Ranch Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization operating under the name Happy Dog Ranch Horse Sanctuary. Your donations may be tax deductible.


Rescue and rehabilitate horses who need help and a home, offering them a way to heal and connect with people.

Background Statement

Happy Dog Ranch Foundation provides a safe, peaceful environment where nature and animals can work their miracles in transforming and enriching our lives.

As the animals heal and thrive, we all thrive. They inspire our work and motivate us to:

• Help eliminate the cause of animal suffering and save lives by providing a permanent home and rehabilitation for horses in hopeless situations.

• Serve as a community destination for learning, with mental health and wellness programs for youth, seniors, people with cognitive and physical difficulties, as well as students and community groups.

•Host training programs to help advance the skills of therapists and other practitioners who focus on personal healing and growth.

• Offer impactful education to riders, enthusiasts and equine professionals from around the world.

Why horses? A growing body of scientific research supports the physiological and psychological benefits of working with horses. Horses have sensitive autonomic nervous systems and a natural desire to seek connection. They offer us opportunities to learn vital skills like listening and being present, clear, honest and aware of what’s happening in our bodies and minds. As our skills improve, horses feel safe in our presence and trust us. And the lessons we learn in the herd can help us thrive in our relationships and daily lives.

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