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Our diverse GBH programming ranges from Yoga for folks with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities to Grief Support Community Groups.


Guided by Humanity's All Abilities Yoga/Mindfulness practice is such a gift to our community. As a special education teacher for transition age young adults (ages 18-21), I am always looking to help my students gain skills in emotional regulation, wellness, and self-determination as they move from a school setting into the community as productive adults. This practice provides that opportunity for growth along with many additional benefits.

My students spent 2 months practicing yoga and mindfulness with Rachel through the All Abilities program. It was absolutely incredible. It fostered a sense of peace, strength, and independence for all of my students. Each week, my students looked forward to the opportunity to build upon their practice and learn new yoga poses. Rachel built an amazing rapport with the students that helped them gain foundational skills in yoga. While fostering a safe, calming space to practice, she continued to challenge the students with new poses and ideas each week. I would bring these new ideas on mindfulness, gratitude, and emotional wellbeing into the classroom throughout the week to support the students in utilizing these skills.

My students have demonstrated growth in stress management and emotional regulation since participating in All Abilities Yoga/Mindfulness practice. Many students continue to practice yoga on their own time because they felt the benefits to their minds and bodies. My students experienced an hour of relaxation each week that energized them to be productive and use their inner strength to work hard and become the best versions of themselves.

This is an amazing opportunity that I will provide for my students every year. Guided by Humanity lives their mission each and every day with every individual they work with. I have witnessed incredible growth in my students' abilities to regulate their emotions and understand the importance of wellness in their lives. I would recommend this practice to any educator looking to enhance the lives of their students.


Guided By Humanity is a community focused non-profit organization filling in the gap by offering inclusive, accessible, and equitable yoga and wellness services for everyBODY and everyABILITY.

Background Statement

Guided By Humanity emerged to create inclusive and accessible yoga opportunities within the Denver Metro area with an anti-oppression lens. The organization is a 501c3 that was founded and incorporated in May of 2017 by Mary Medellin Sims with a background in advocacy for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Mrs. Medellin Sims is passionate about health equity and social justice. GBH began offering fully accessible and inclusive yoga classes to individuals with intellectual disabilities in August of 2017 via community outreach. As of July 2020, GBH has secured a brick-and-mortar location offering community outreach, in-studio, virtual wellness opportunities.

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