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Your donation to the Greeley Creative District will help amplify, encourage, and develop the arts and creative businesses in the Greeley community, enriching our local quality of life for all residents and visitors.  With your support, we are able to host workshops and educational sessions for residents and our creative community, partner with local organizations to expand audiences, and create engagement opportunities and experiences that elevates Greeley's reputation as an appealing and dynamic place to live, learn, work and play. 

Greeley Creative District Enterprise Zone

As of October 2023, the Greeley Creative District is a qualified Enterprise Zone project!  This means that your donation to the District of $100 and up to $400,000 may qualify for a 25% Colorado Income Tax credit. If you cannot use all of your credits in a given tax year, you can carry forward the balance up to five years.


The impact on income tax costs given the scenario of a contributor in the 33 percent federal tax bracket who gives a gift of $1,000:

The above example is for illustrative purposes only. Please consult your tax professional to relate this to your particular circumstances.


In the initial year of Creative District certification, Greeley had a total of 675 creative jobs. A $2.2 million gain was achieved in total creative industry earnings after the initial year of certification, which resulted in $22.9 million total industry earnings. A 38% gain was obtained with regards to nonprofit revenues, resulting in $584.7K total revenues.

The GCD's sponsorship of the "District 6 and Friends Art Walk" facilitates the showcase of artwork created by hundreds of students attending District 6 and Charter Schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The First Friday event exhibits student artwork at nearly 30 different Downtown Greeley locations featuring 30 area schools, including Charter Schools as well as artwork from UNC art students.

The GCD's quarterly "Cacophony of Creatives" program provides free workshops for creative professionals, plus a chance for artists and business owners to network. This year's presentations have included Pam Campanaro, Director of UNC Galleries, and Dave Ratner, a licensed entertainment lawyer with the Creative Law Network.


The mission of the Greeley Creative District is to enhance the community's distinctive creative identity and increase its economic vitality. The District provides educational and promotional support that engages the full spectrum of creative industries, organizations, businesses, artists, patrons, and cultural heritage, and that inspires youth and emerging talents.

Background Statement

The Greeley Creative District was established by City Council resolution in 2012 and later formed as an independent 501c3 non profit organization in 2013. It was also recognized and certified as one of the first official state creative districts in 2014 through the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, division of Colorado Creative Industries, one of only 30 in the entire state.

The District's governing board of 17 members which include a variety of individuals ranging across multiple disciplines and includes community leaders, business owners, cultural partners, arts educators, marketing professionals, institutional representatives, working artists and creatives. Members include legacy individuals who have served more than a decade as well as those recently appointed and inclusive diversity in board membership as well as programming is of high value and priority.

Colorado is recognized as a premier creative hub and a home for world-class creative businesses, productions, and experiences. It is the goal of the Greeley Creative District to foster the work of local creatives through partnerships and robust community engagement, promoting local events, programs and services. Examples of our organization’s own engagement initiatives include:

* AgriCulture Feast - An annual al fresco meal featuring the gifts of Greeley’s culinary Creatives sharing special dishes to celebrate the intersection of Art & Ag.

* Do Tell! - This special story-telling event presents local residents who share personal stories of humor, tragedy, life lessons and inspiration in an intimate theater setting.

* Día de los Muertos - This community celebration offers a way to honor and appreciate departed loved ones in a cultural context that is a celebration of life.

* District 6 & Friends Art Walk - A gala for Greeley’s younger artists and their teachers who work all year to produce and share their talents at businesses in the District in a special Friday Art Walk.

* Cacophony of Creatives - Networking sessions for the Creative Community to meet, greet, and share and to access timely support topics to aid their success.

* Art-ober - During National Arts Month in October Greeley Creative Districrict promotes all the special offerings of Greeley’s Creatives in a month of events and programs.

* Bears in the Backyard - Local authors penned a story about how Greeley and the University grew up together in the area that now encompasses the Creative District. The stories within the story cover distinct neighborhoods which are accompanied by maps and walking tours in each chapter.

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