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Great Ed informs, mobilizes and influences voters and policymakers to stimulate wise investment in Colorado's classrooms. Great Ed is a statewide, nonpartisan advocacy organization that brings grassroots muscle to the fight for public education.


"We all want to see a Colorado that provides teachers a living wage and every student a quality education, but in Colorado that can't happen without a statewide vote. No matter what other amazing and critical education organizations and programs you support, you've got to stand with Great Education Colorado, too."
-- Dr. Joyce Brooks, Public Education Advocate

"Colorado has unique and daunting fiscal challenges when it comes to providing all its diverse students with the resources they need to succeed. I'm committed to the one organization that's proven it's got the passion, persistence, and grassroots know-how to meet those challenges: Great Education Colorado."
-- Elaine Berman, Former State Board of Education Member

"Because of TABOR, there are no short cuts to paying teachers what they deserve or giving every student the time and resources they need to thrive. Great Education Colorado is doing the heavy lifting of coalition building and grassroots mobilization that will finally get us where we need to go. That's why Great Ed is a high priority for me.."
-- Former Senate Majority Leader Rollie Heath

"An amazing organization that has worked so hard to empower regular people to speak for their children and give education a voice in our legislature!!! Definite two thumbs up!!"
-- S.B., Westiminster parent

"We need to fix the funding issues Colorado faces so we can provide our students the opportunities they need to live their best lives. Become a Great Education Ambassador for Public Education so that Colorado can be the community to which we aspire!"
-- Carrie Warren Gully, Arapahoe County Commissioner

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Our Mission: Great Education Colorado harnesses the power of grassroots activism and diverse, inclusive networks to guarantee that public schools in every Colorado community are welcoming and adequately, equitably, and sustainably funded.

Our Vision: Through public education, every Colorado student — regardless of their zip code, learning needs, language, identities, or the color of their skin — graduates prepared to lead their best life.

Background Statement

Great Education Colorado was founded in 2005 by a group of parents concerned that cuts in school funding were having a negative impact on students. Since then, Great Ed has grown into an organization of 20,000+ supporters focused on providing the resources that schools, colleges and universities need to ensure the success of all students (preschool through higher education) regardless of their zip code, learning style, or economic background. It has earned a reputation for the effectiveness and accessibility of both its education and advocacy efforts, and for building collaborations free of political or partisan agendas.

Multiple years of state cuts to preschool, K-12 and higher education have only exacerbated the funding concerns that originally sparked the creation of Great Ed. Class sizes have grown, educational opportunities have narrowed, working conditions for teachers have deteriorated and tuition and fees have increased. And while Colorado remains a leader in education reform, those reforms have gone largely unfunded -- decreasing their likelihood of success and sustainability.

All these developments underscore this truth: Although increased funding alone is no guarantee of improved academic achievement, sufficient resources are necessary to successfully reach every student.

In the past ten years, Great Ed has been strategic in establishing the building blocks of a stable and effective organization. Today, Great Ed has an engaged board of directors, a professional and effective staff, an expanded capacity to organize and collaborate, a significant online social networking presence, a track record of effective on- and off-line volunteer action, and a broader base of revenue sources. Great Ed has a strong reputation in the policy arena for integrity, well-referenced information, and timely, effective grassroots action statewide.

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