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$21,739 raised by 156 donors

Grand County Pet Pals has a long & successful history of providing support to pets in our community. Our primary focus is providing financial assistance for spay and neuter surgeries for pets and one-time financial assistance for urgent care for low income citizens whose pet has a good prognosis.


"Grand County Pet Pals is an amazing asset to our community and it's critters. They work tirelessly day in and day out making sure the animals of our community are safe and cared for. GCPP works hard to raise money to continue the Spay / Neuter Voucher Program as well as helping those in need when veterinary bills arise. GCPP also helps the animal shelter residents with training and play dates in order to help them prepare for their forever home. Volunteers love to come and socialize the kitties and walk the pups. GCPP also runs the Bark Park, a beautiful and much needed asset to the dogs in our community. Little and Big pups can play safely on each side in a nice space. GCPP helped our family successfully adopt a troubled Chihuahua named Junior. Over two years later he is the love of my life and I am so thankful for the help of those volunteering for GCPP who helped us with the initial phase of adoption. Thank you Grand County Pet Pals for all you do!" - K.Rybij

"I'm so glad to know there is a safe place and caring organization that will always take care of any found or abandoned pets. It's such an important thing this community needs especially being in such an isolated area. Thanks for all you do and best of luck with Colorado Gives!" - M. Marschall-Miller

"Our beautiful girl. She recently passed but we are so grateful for GC Pet Pals. We found her there and have been blessed by such an amazing kitty. GC Pet Pals made the logistics easy when you let us borrow a cage and a litter box, etc to allow us to take her home the same day! ✨✨ We are grateful for all that you do for the animals of GC!" - M. Cameron

"When I adopted 13 year old Kit Cat, she had a free check up to make sure she was healthy and she came with a $200.00 vet credit to help with any medical care she may need. Everything they do at the shelter is beyond amazing! They go above and beyond to help all the animals!" - J. Lynn Laspesa

"Your company does so much good for the animals of Grand Country. Thank you for everything you do!!!! ????????????: - E. Goddard

"Love what you do for the community and all our beloved furry friends and family!" - C. Allyn Van Way

"Grand County Pet Pals, Thank you!! Back in 2012, Robbin waited for me as I drove through the snow to meet Buster! And I'm forever grateful! Buster is sweet, friendly, loving, and has learned to be patient with elderly people in wheelchairs and using walkers. He has an amazing smile and loves riding in the truck, going on walks, and playing fetch. The pic is Buster riding in the truck after a walk in the park. Because of Grand County Pet Pals and Robbin's patience, Buster has gotten to teach me a lot about separation anxiety (and the home repairs that go with it), the power of a smile, and the excitement in everyday routines. He's even helped soften my older dog, Grumpy Gus." - A. Hilbert

"Last year when my twins turned six, in lieu of presents they had friends bring supplies for the animals at the shelter.
They still talk about how nice everyone was at the shelter when we dropped off the "animal gifts" and how much they learned about taking care of pets. Of course petting and holding kittens was the highlight. They can't wait to come hang with the animals again." - K. Jameson

"I love Grand County Pet Pals!!!! love that i can come and pet the kitties and help socialize them. super sweet!" - H. Woods

"We got "Puff" 10 years ago and she has been bringing joy to all ever since." - E. Kurtak

"Shmacko. Best little brown dog ever. Thank you for uniting us, he was a wonderful part of our family for years." - A. Petersen

"Liberty loves the Bark Park!! We try to go at least 2 times a week. Swimming is her all time favorite thing to do. And making new friends of course. Thank you for all you do for Grand County Pets!! ????????" - L. Steiner

W"e adopted Paddy, a toy poodle/chihuahua mix, about 4 yrs. ago. He's a bundle of energy and love! Don't know what we'd do without him ????" - M.Pat Gale

"I got Basil a few years ago and he's been the best dog I've ever had." - H. Martin

"I have this silly goof because of Pet Pals! He came from the Grand County Animal Shelter where I hear he was a two time alumni before he found his furever home with me. This guy makes my life so much better! Thank you Pet Pals!" - J. Cowell Kern

"Just wanted to let you know I adopted my cat Gatoe from the Grand County Animal Shelter in 2002...


Grand County Pet Pals is the supportive arm of the Grand County Animal Shelter. It is THE local organization dedicated to responsible pet stewardship, animal health and education programs, and spay/neuter of pets in Grand County.

Background Statement

Grand County Pet Pals (GCPP) was established in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the Grand County Animal Shelter with its spay/neuter program and to avoid euthanizing adoptable animals.

Today, GCPP has several programs to fulfill its mission of promoting good stewardship and compassion for animals within Grand County. Funds are raised to provide 100% spay/neuter and veterinary care for all animals at the Shelter as well as affordable spay and neuter assistance to pet owners with financial need through a voucher program. In 2014, a Good Samaritan Fund was formally established to provide one-time charitable care at private veterinary practices within Grand County to pet owners with financial need.

In addition to the Spay/Neuter and Good Samaritan programs, GCPP engages in the following:

• Providing the Shelter with funds for leashes, collars, kitty litter, toys, treats and starter kits for new adopters.

• Funding wellness and urgent veterinary care for adoptable animals at the Shelter.

• Purchasing educational materials on good animal stewardship to be shared at schools and other events.

• Providing Emergency Preparedness Kits for Pets.

We gain support through memberships, general and memorial donations, grants, and donation boxes displayed at many Grand County businesses. In addition, we conduct fundraising events such as a bi-annual 3K fun run/walk, Pet Pictures with Santa, a snowshoe/nordic ski event and more, as we do not receive County, State or Federal funding.

About the Grand County Animal Shelter

The Grand County Animal Shelter promotes and protects public safety and animal care through sheltering, pet placement programs, education, and animal law enforcement. The Shelter's purpose is to provide responsive, efficient, and high-quality animal care and control services that preserves and protects public and animal safety. The Shelter is a small facility with 3 full-time animal care and control officers that fall under the jurisdiction of the Grand County Sheriff's Office. There are 12 outdoor dog runs, 12 indoor dog kennels and two cat rooms with a maximum capacity for 12 dogs and 18 cats.

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