Friends of Charlie's Place

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Friends of Charlies Place is designed to help support the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter (Charlies Place) and the community at large.


I just wanted to express my gratitude for our animal shelter. I have always volunteered and enjoy doing so. They have the best fundraisers and the community really turns out to support them. But from a personal experience they really helped me out, in an emergency I had to take my dog Molly to an afterhours vet, and the outcome was not good, we ended up having to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep. It was a very expensive visit for all of the testing and of course the end of life decision. Charlie's Place payed for this for me, it really helped me out until I was able to pay them back, and in doing so they accepted my donation back to them and allowed me to be a part of their wind chime fundraiser in memory of Molly. They are the best, our community is very lucky for everyone who works so hard there!
Vicki Sparks

Right from the beginning we knew this was a truly outstanding shelter and non-profit organization. The shelter staff and FOCP volunteers are so kind and compassionate and the dogs and cats are so well taken care of. When Tiger - always the master escape artist - used to escape from the shelter to go have fun hunting and playing in the woods, the staff would always track him down and he would happily jump into their truck to hitch a ride back to Charlie's Place. The shelter staff would pack lunches for Tiger and Beula when we would take them on field trips and FOCP's president - Laurie Crow Phenix - even took Tiger skijoring!! Even now whenever Tiger has gone back to visit Charlie's Place, such as during the annual Canine On The Creek 5K, he gets so excited and happy as he recognizes his old home and the staff and volunteers. And we have seen countless times how, when we have taken other Charlie's Place dogs on field trips or to adoption events, they too are so happy to see the staff when we bring them back to the shelter at the end of the day. And it is no wonder, because the shelter staff and volunteers have gone above and beyond to care for each animal as an individual. A huge reason that Charlie's Place is so successful in providing such a high level of care is because of FOCP's support in fundraising and community engagement. It takes a village to care for homeless animals, find them new homes, provide medical care to the sick and injured animals, and reunite lost animals with their families. We cannot say Thank You enough to FOCP, especially FOCP's event/volunteer coordinator Donna Gee, for being so tirelessly dedicated to organizing and running the awesome fundraising events and adoption events that support the shelter animals and build and maintain ties with the community. FOCP's events are always fun, creative and well-organized, and you can see that there is so much support and respect for FOCP in the community.
Li-Anne Liew-Ayers & David Ayers

Charlie's Place is an incredible organization to have in this community. Not only do they take care of the needs of Clear Creek County, but also Gilpin County. I have been there to walk dogs on several occasions and adopted a dog from there two years ago. My stepson had community service to complete for school, so we went there to walk dogs. I fell in love with one and initially planned to take her for an overnight field trip but we only brought her back to complete the adoption process. She has brought my family so much joy, just as Charlie's Place does for so many people in so many ways. Having this resource in a place where animals are family is extremely important to all of the stakeholders in the area. I am always willing to volunteer for the shelter and often encourage people to go there to adopt or volunteer. The regular spay and neuter and vaccination events that they hold are vital for a community that lacks many other resources. The mission of Charlie's Place is so very important to our society and they are succeeding in that mission.
Ryan Neal Young

I found a cat a couple years ago. I brought her to Charlies place as I could not keep her. I had already fell in love with her and went back later to get her. She was very sick and they were taking care of her. I said I wanted to keep her. They helped me with the adoption and showed me how to give her fluids and take care of her. They named her Rain. I took her home and she got better and eventually her name became Ms. Kitty. Well thanks to Charlies place Ms. Kitty is a healthy and fun 10lb tuxedo cat that loves her best friend (dog) Cory. Thank you so much for giving us this blessing...... Rain.
Barbara Hodges

As a part time volunteer and also the owner of an adopted dog from Charlies Place, I cannot express enough what a valuable asset Charlie's Place is to Clear Creek County. Upon the passing of our Gordon Setter mix Rocky, my older Boxer dog needed a friend, he was not the same ...


The mission of Friends of Charlie's Place is to partner with the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter to support the physical, behavioral, and emotional needs of the shelter animals and to alleviate the suffering of animals within the community.

Background Statement

Friends of Charlie's Place supports the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter ("Charlie's Place") by providing necessary, non-routine medical assistance to shelter animals, reimbursement for costs related to saving adoptable out-of-county dogs; assistance with medical and food costs related to foster dogs and cats; training assistance to help rehabilitate shelter dogs with behavioral issues; spay/neuter funding. In addition, Friend's of Charlie's Place provides our community with the same support.

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