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Forever Loving Homes provides is dedicated to the rescue of abandoned and abused animals where euthanasia shelters are the only option for that community. 

Our mission, offering a Forever Loving Home for our rescues, using the Star Thrower story concept, restoring health, dignity to each rescue, one rescue at a time. You can feel safe and satisfied in donating to us knowing all gifts go to the rescues care and operations. 

This calling and mission...

...  started in the heart of Arkansas U.S.A during the world crisis of 2020. 

Forever Loving Homes has since received Non-profit status at the beginning of 2022. We are now seeking likeminded, to carry this mission and vision in any way their hands can help. 

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We appreciate any feedback, cheering and support! The Pride, we, thank you!

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Forever Loving

We believe in our mission, offering a Forever Home for our rescues with the Star Thrower story adaptation concept, one rescue at a time.

We provides rural, urban area animal shelter options dedicated to the rescue of abandoned and abused animals where euthanasia shelters are the only option for that community.

Background Statement

This calling and mission...

started and developed in the heart of Arkansas U.S.A during the world crisis of 2019-2020 when resources were thin, stalled or unavailable.

We painfully found out during this time we were in a euthanasia area with no other options for abandoned, injured, abused animals and decided to give an alternative to the any animals that came our way. "Do what we can with what we got," was coined through that time and maintained now.

Through 2020-2021 taking animals in, giving care began to create its own process, (transition room, vet networking etc.) building relationships with others that had different ways of helping, and most importantly a model. This model was and is made through the "boots on ground" experience, ultimately now reflecting our c 501 3, registered charity, status .

We are working above our capacity, recalibrating for a balance of operations with outreach and online presence for fundraising.

Grateful for Colorado Gives as a referral, we are hopeful this partnership will help us connect and communicate better with donors as we build our social, digital and virtual presence.

As we move into the digital world with physical needs, we seek a worldwide audience and support system that the Digital world has to offer. We love the goals to share the funny and beautiful things the pride does to offer to smiles, love and gratitude this pride gives. We are daily grateful for the work and strength to push through challenges, to attain the rewards and satisfaction of what we do.

The pride is grateful, they have taught us next level gratitude! The reason we use the dictionary definition of "rescue" as part of our branding is because each fur baby exudes the definition and subsequent gratitude, in beauty and grace. Our team marvels and aims to exude as it well.

We can't wait for you to meet them, our Forever Loving Home is primarily felines aka a pride. They each have a story, that we hope you will be a part of. We have seen many run by, or unable to help, then there are those who come and stay. This is where their story begins--abandonment, vehicle accidents, abuse-- are some of where this pride comes from, some which reflect in their personalities. The greatest thing they each give back despite the challenges of their stories is gratitude and unconditional love that we hope you will see and feel as you invest time in them and we develop their stories with an online presence.

During the world crisis we saw how may people reached out to animals for support, and to give support to them, this need and process speaks for itself. It was encouraging as we grieved through options to help and learn how to serve in a rescue manner.

We are a small team with willing hands, that just like the star thrower story--where throwing one starfish back in the ocean effects that one starfish (and future star fishes)--takes one animal that comes to us, and offers a forever loving home.

We started with one donor who saw and supported the vision, even before there was a non profit status. We still have that donor, amazed at the faithfulness, have received a new cat tree from another donor, and are seeking annual partner status as well as participants who will virtually adopt a member of the pride, as able. Food, foodies, litter, trees, collars, veterinarian care, cleaning supplies, are always of need along with larger operation expenses (leases).

Please consider becoming an annual partner or adoptive virtual parent, an "in honor of" supporter for one of the pride!

Thank you in advance for donating in any way!

Bless you and yours! ~The Pride

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