Farms for Orphans, Inc.

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Farms for Orphans is working to alleviate food-insecurity, malnutrition and poverty in orphaned children through the introduction of scalable, climate-smart farming methods that preserve indigenous traditions of consuming wild-harvested forest foods, while creating livelihoods for vulnerable youth.


"Farms for Orphans is feeding a really vulnerable population a food that they love."
Wendy Lu McGill, Farms for Orphans advisory board member, Founder Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch


Farms for Orphans' mission is to feed and empower the world's vulnerable children through innovative, environmentally-sustainable agriculture!

Background Statement

Farms for Orphans was built out of an understanding that hunger and malnutrition in youth have lasting and wide-ranging effects that extend from the individual to the global community. Countries and regions in poverty face particular challenges. We knew that solutions to these problems existed and that we could make a difference - and so, in 2017, FFO launched our flagship program, working with orphanages in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on an innovative, climate-smart agricultural initiative.

The DRC is one of the poorest and most food-insecure countries in the world, and the orphans and street youth of the country are often deeply malnourished. Organizations that serve them are often limited by a lack of resources. FFO set out to support these children by developing programs to farm palm weevil larvae, a highly nutritious edible insect that is also a favored local food. These larvae are shared with organizations that in turn pass them to children. Farms for Orphans also provides direct training and supplies to youth-focused organizations that wish to farm the larvae directly.

Palm weevil larvae are a healthy and culturally acceptable food source throughout the Congo Basin, but they are usually harvested from the wild on an unreliable, seasonal basis. Farms for Orphans has shown that palm weevil larvae are easy to farm and require far fewer resources (and create far fewer greenhouse gases and ammonia) than typical livestock to produce equal amounts of protein and other essential nutrients. By developing small-scale farms on their grounds, our partners have unlocked an ability to provide themselves with a steady supply of nourishing food. Moreover, because the larvae sell for higher prices than other proteins in local markets, our partners are able to sell any larvae they do not need for additional income.

Since starting our insect farming work, we have partnered with the Congolese Ministry of Health, the University of Kinshasa and local nonprofits to continue to develop resources and opportunities for our partners and the kids they serve. In 2018, FFO launched a youth training program to teach older orphans and street youth to farm palm weevil larvae, setting them up with direct access to food and marketable job skills. Today, we are building greater strengths in climate-smart, small-scale agriculture, including through expanded edible insect farming, beekeeping, fish and poultry production.

To create a world that is healthier and happier for all, we hope you will join us in lifting up those most deserving and in need.

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