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For over four decades Family Tree has provided innovative, life-changing services designed to address the interconnectedness among child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Family Tree is changing how individuals, families and communities see, respond to and overcome these challenges.


"I would like to thank Family Tree on behalf of my four grandchildren for all the wonderful assistance that was provided to them. When I was first contacted, I was very hesitant because no one has ever reached out with interest or concern about my grandchildren's welfare or needs. It was very unexpected, but genuinely appreciated." -Family Tree Kinship Grandmother

"My SafeCare provider offers me support and lets me know I am doing a good job." -Family Tree SafeCare Parent

"I came to your door needing shelter and protection. You took us in and wrapped us under your warm wings of hope. I felt like a small little bird seeking shelter from the rain. My wings were soaked with despair. I stand taller since I left. I laugh louder since I left. I am smarter. I have dried my wings and made a new nest for myself and my children." - Family Tree Roots of Courage client

"[The Legal Advocates] have been such a light! I don't see how I could have done this without such amazing support and information. Thank you so much!" - Family Tree Legal Advocacy client

"By taking this group, I am another step closer to achieving my goals."- Family Tree Domestic Violence Outreach Program client

"My kids have a great time being with each other, and [Family Tree] allows for that to happen." - Family Tree Parenting Time Parent

"The support from the staff was exactly what I needed to get through this rough time. Just being able to have someone to talk to was a lot of help." - Family Tree House of Hope client

"I love you guys. You have been there for me for two years. I could not have asked for any better resource. You have helped to keep me safe with a roof over my head." - Family Tree Homelessness Program client


Family Tree partners with all people to prevent and overcome the interconnected issues of child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness to promote safety, healing and stability across generations.

Background Statement

For many years, Family Tree’s over-arching programmatic strategy has been to streamline client access to the organization’s array of programs. Family Tree is the only organization responding to the interconnectedness of these issues with an integrated services approach, where no matter which Family Tree program a client enters, they can be connected to other programs at any time using a client-centered warm hand-off through our Client Connections Initiative.

Today Family Tree serves the seven-county metro area and partners with all people to prevent and overcome the interconnected issues of child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness to promote safety, healing and stability across generations. Family Tree is the only organization in the Denver-metro area working to address the interconnectedness among these issues, through the following program areas:

Child Abuse and Neglect: Provides education, resources, treatment, home visitation and case management to help stabilize families and successfully divert youth from further child welfare and court system involvement.  

Domestic Violence: Keeps domestic violence survivors safe through crisis intervention, advocacy, outreach, emergency shelter, supervised parenting time, safe exchanges and legal advocacy. 

Homelessness: Provides help line, case management, education/employment support, rental assistance, shelter and resources for those at-risk or experiencing homelessness. 

Family Tree served 4,508 clients with direct, in-person services, and an additional 15,920 people through crisis and helpline calls.  

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