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Faithfully K9 Service Dogs - Giving hope where there was no hope…..

Your donation will empower an individual with a disability to train a dog as their service dog transforming both their lives.


They are amazing. Cathy is a REAL trainer who has exceptional experience in training service dogs. She not only trains the dog but trains the handler.

My husband and Bella (his service dog in training) has worked with Cathy, since Bella was 5 months old. Bella is now 10 months and she is so smart and has learned so much, both her and my husband has!! He wouldn't have been able to do this, without the help and guidance of Cathy's expertise and her commitment to help individuals that need assistance!! Thank you so much Cathy, for giving my husband hope and showing him that Bella will be his hands, when he will no longer have the strength or the ability in them!!!

I'm so grateful to this org and the work that they do! I can't recommend them enough.

Cathy trained my dog, Maebe, to assist me with my PTSD, and worked with me as I learned the skills I needed to ensure a successful partnership. She's accessible, personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable, and I'm very grateful for both her time and talents.

Faithfully K9 is working with me and my dog Bella. Not knowing anything about training, she makes it very clear and easy to do, and walks you through every step so you know why and how you are doing it. Thank you

A new component for me and my role as Chaplain at Boulder Police Deparatment, is the training I am receiving from Cathy Kowalski and Faithfully K-9. I have a four year-old Lab, "Cash", who is in the throws of Therapy Dog boot camp. The goal is to be certified and for the two of us to work as a team to provide additional care for the police officers. There's comfort and distraction, both a tremendous gift to officers, found in the smiling face of a dog who loves to be loved. Cash will join me every time I visit with officers at the department and will utilize his new found tricks as we say "thank you for all that you do." When words are not enough, the soft, wet nose of a furry friend transcends understanding.

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Empower an individual with a disability to train a dog as their service dog transforming both their lives.

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Faithfully K9 Service Dogs was founded in 2018 to fill the void left by other service dog organizations who don't train individual's with a disability to train their own dog to be their service dog. Faithfully K9 does not charge First Responders or Veterans for our services.

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