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Help Stop Puppy Mills! You can make a difference!

Your donation makes you a part of the 3CW mission to be the voice for the thousands of mill dogs living in Colorado and across the nation, producing millions of puppies for pet stores and Internet sales! Hundreds exist in Colorado alone.


"I grew up thinking all dogs had a normal life of family and a home that was their own that they would raise their little families in with their owners. I learned through time that it's not the case for a lot of dogs. So m any dogs are raised strictly for large amounts of money. the more I've learned about it and puppy mills, the more I want to see what I thought all animals had in the first place! I love being able to use my skill and artistry to convey messages for 3CW." Nanci A., Windsor, CO.

"Over the last few years, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare has become a critical voice for dog protection in our state.

Committed to ending puppy mills, 3CW leads a dedicated and growing number of advocates who work tirelessly to educate the public and legislators about the inhumane commercial dog breeding facilities and their connection to pet stores.

3CW volunteers can be seen at community events, rallying in front of pet stores and down at the State Capitol spreading the word that all dogs deserve humane treatment and loving homes.

If you love dogs and care about how they are treated, you absolutely should support the important work this group is doing."

Lori G., Denver

"FANTASTIC ORGANIZATION. I love the "END PUPPY MILLS" banner on the back of the RTD bus!! Thank you 3CW! I have never rated a page, you are my first, and you deserve every star and more!" Lillian L.

"I think these folks are fantastic. My sweet Suki was in a puppy mill for almost 10 years, Beau 6 years and Kiki 5 years. I now foster and volunteer. Thank you for fighting got these little ones who endure a life of hell." Cathe G.


3CW's mission is to end puppy mills by educating the public and policymakers about mills and their connections to pet stores, the Internet and other sales venues. 3CW advocates for animal welfare issues, encourages pet adoption and supports ethical, responsible breeding practices.

Background Statement

In early 2011, several dedicated dog loving people decided it was time to do something about commercial breeding facilities, a.k.a. puppy mills, in Colorado and across the nation. The all volunteer board financially supported the organization the first year until we held our first successful fundraiser.

We knew the untold story behind the pet shop puppy and the Internet sites that show cute puppies in baskets or enjoying idyllic homes with loving people. We knew how the breeding moms and dads of those puppies lived in horrendous conditions their entire short lives to produce puppies for sale. We understood how inhumane this secret industry was and vowed it would not stay this way.

We also understood just how little the general public knew about these facilities as through our work it became clear only 2 people out of 10 knew where pet store puppies come from or anything about this industry. Our consensus was that there was no way the public would stand for this inhumane treatment of "man's best friend" once they knew; once this industry was brought to light.

Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare was born from this group of dedicated people set to make that understanding happen, no matter how long it took. In November, 2012, we received our IRS nonprofit 501(c)3 standing and haven't looked back!

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