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Over 1.3 billion people in the world have no access to electricity. Elephant Energy addresses this issue by empowering entrepreneurs to supply access to affordable, clean, and practical energy technologies to off-grid communities. EE has operations in Namibia, Africa with plans to expand!


"I am very happy to use this product because now I'm not spending money to buy some needs like candles, matches and pay to charge cell phone each week. Now everything is possible."
Susana - Ohangwena, Ohangwena Region

I'm helping my neighbor to charge her cell phone free. Now I'm not spending money to buy paraffin, candles or matches and not pay to charge cell phone each week. This product is very nice to use. Thank You."
Namuxwiya - Ohangwena, Ohangwena Region

"I am very proud for this solar product. The children are performing well now at school because of that."
Teopolina Daniel - Ongha, Ohangwena Region

"It makes my work very easy because I can work two hours extra. It is saving me not buy matches, candles and cell phone charging."
Matride - Ongha, Ohangwena Region

"I am thankful for this product because now my children use it to read very well and I think they are going to have good points at the end of the year. Thanks a lot."
Dorthea - Omeege, Oshana Region

"I use the light for everything including eating and cleaning. I use it to see when I am in the dark and to see my enemies like snakes and other things I am afraid of when I am alone and in the dark."
Johnna - Okapeto, Omusati Region

"The product is our main source of energy. We use it in our house every day."
Ndeshikoya Muria - Onandjaba, Omusati Region

"It helped us to check our chickens during night when the wild cat wanted to eat our chickens. It also help us to see where you walk in order to check for snakes." Lucious - Kasika, Caprivi Region


Elephant Energy's mission is to use the power of entrepreneurship to solve energy problems in rural Africa.

Background Statement

In Namibia, our market-based distribution network empowers off-grid entrepreneurs to supply appropriate solar technologies to their rural communities. We engage rural individuals and businesses who see a business opportunity in selling clean energy technologies in their local areas, but who lack access to the technologies, the capital to buy them, and the know-how to effectively market and sell them. Our highly decentralized network of rural shops and sales agents delivers ongoing value and mutual benefit to sellers and users of these clean energy technologies.

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