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We use our expertise in health systems, legal systems, and the perinatal period to tackle systemic power and oppression with strategies for change and resilience. We educate, coach, support, and fund individuals and organizations to create a more equitable system of perinatal care.


"Elephant Circle is an amazing addition to Colorado!"

"Thank you for all the advocacy you do on behalf of Coloradans! Your broad understanding of the issues alongside a depth of knowledge about perinatal health systems is a unique offering of Elephant Circle."

"I appreciate and am grateful for the anti-racism work Elephant Circle does."

"I cannot tell you guys how much it means to me that you were willing to speak with me and share contacts with me, without the fee, and without knowing me at all. It is kindness and a sort of faith in a person that you rarely see anymore and it really warms my heart… Thank you for existing! What you are doing to preserve the rights of midwifes, doulas, pregnant women, and infants is truly amazing, moving and inspiring. Please never give up this fight."

"I could tell them my feelings about things along the way, and was supported and guided to find my own voice."

"I want to express how much I appreciate your time effort and assistance in my case. I love the work you are doing outside of my specific case, the meaningful and powerful changes you are effecting in society are so important. I am humbled and so grateful you have taken the time to not only assist me but to make it affordable and allow me to make payments. I hope someday I will be able to donate to your efforts in the greater community of women's rights."


Elephant Circle is a birth justice organization. Inspired by elephants who give birth within a circle of support, we envision a world where all people have a circle of support for the entire perinatal period. Birth justice occurs when everyone is equally capable of self-determination during the perinatal period, when their self-determination is supported and amplified by such a circle. To achieve this we will need both the how and the what of birth justice. We employ strategies for tackling systems of power and oppression and strategies for change and resilience. We achieve these strategies with expertise in health systems, legal systems and the perinatal period.

Background Statement

Elephant Circle was founded in 2009 with fiscal sponsorship from the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights.

Elephant Circle has always worked on a broad range of issues related to birth and reproductive justice, with a focus on learning and experimenting. Examples from our history include: a childbirth preparation class using the midwifery model for teen women of color (2010-11), development of anti-shackling legislation (2010), creation of Delivering Natural Care for Families (a consumer coalition for midwifery legislation 2011), a method of providing financial support for birth workers of color (2009-present), a group for Incarcerated Survivors Initiating Social Change at Denver Women's Correctional Facility (2011-14), a voter guide focusing on the Executive Branch, in collaboration with Forward Together (2014), "Innovation Bootcamp," a workshop on innovation and social justice in collaboration with CoreAlign (2015), and coordinating the Colorado Birth Center Coalition through the Birth Center Rulemaking process (2015-2016).

Ongoing work includes: work with national organizations on access and equity as it relates to race, gender, and sexual orientation (2014-present), the Birth Rights Bar Association (2014-present), curriculum for subjects ranging from criminal justice reform to pregnancy and cannabis use to anti-racism action and education, cultivating innovative mindsets to regulatory law, (2009-present), partnership with and employment of individuals who may otherwise experience challenges in seeking employment; we work with LGBTQAUI and gender nonconforming people, queer folks, caregivers, parents, and innovators (2009-present).

Since the arrival of COVID-19, we have continued to support pregnant and parenting families through projects including: a help-line for pregnant and postpartum Coloradans needing more local support, a webinar series focusing on topics specific to pregnancy and parenting during COVID, participation in a global task force investigating and reporting on how COVID has affected birth across the world.

To protect human rights and address discrimination, mistreatment, harm, poor outcomes, and inequities in outcomes during the perinatal period -- Colorado passed three bills in the 2021 session. Elephant Cirlce lead the efforts to pass SB21-193, SB21-194, and SB21-101 The Birth Equity package.

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