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Adults with special needs need YOU and they need US, to help them to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Can you please help with a contribution? We'll work together to keep people in their homes and families together for as long as possible!


"I don't know what I would do without Elderhaus helping my parents; my mother is more relaxed knowing dad is safe and well cared for during the day, which means I am able to work all day without panic phone calls or worrying when there are no phone calls! Thank you!"


Provide holistic and therapeutic daytime care to seniors and adults with disabilities, in a safe, engaging environment tailored to their needs.

Background Statement

Elderhaus Adult Day Program started in October of 1980 with two participants and two volunteers due to the need for a daytime option for the elderly and frail. The goal was to keep families intact, meet the needs of the individual participants, and provide a break for the caregiver.

Elderhaus has expanded into a program that provides therapeutic services for adults with special needs, ages 18 and over. Elderhaus continues to specialize in providing care for aging clientele inflicted with varying forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's, alcohol related dementia, progressive memory loss, Parkinson's and other age related disorders.

Major Historical Highlights:

• In 2005, Elderhaus opened a second site to provide services for higher energy clients. Mindset Creative Community Resources Center rapidly expanded due to the demand.

• In 2006, Adapting Life Together (ALT) was implemented as a service offering via a formal partnership with the Center for Neurorehabilitation Services, P.C. This collaboration allowed for an occupational therapist to provide rehabilitation services. Elderhaus is self-sustaining with this program; a contracted occupational therapist provides OT oversight to the employees and we utilize volunteer OT students from Colorado State University.

• In 2006, Elderhaus established a formal partnership with the Center Board for Disabilities through Foothills Gateway. The Center Board chose Elderhaus to accommodate clients from their long waiting list. The contract requires that optimal care be provided for those with challenges such as cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, and Down's syndrome.

• In 2008, the Brain Benders was established. This group is supervised by specialists trained to address challenges, such as those associated with traumatic brain injury.

• In 2009, Elderhaus became a Program Approved State Agency (PASA) organization with the Larimer County Center Board for Disabilities. This certification states Elderhaus is equipped to provide services for clients with developmental disabilities.

• In June of 2009, Operation Salute Program was started with the Veteran's Benefit Advocate service. Working closely with the Larimer County Veteran's Association, we help the men and women who served our country to get connected to the benefits and services.

• Expanding Operation Salute Program, in 2011, the Veteran's Administration (VA) approved Elderhaus as a pay source to provide services for aging and younger returning veterans. The Cheyenne VA sought Elderhaus out and requested we launch a pilot program for this region.

• In June of 2011, Elderhaus was approved as a specialized unit through the State of Colorado. With this status, we are required to have a Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA) on staff during all business hours. Elderhaus provides this specialized care in order to assist the clients who are lower functioning, however they have a higher level of need.

• In 2012, Elderhaus is expanding the Occupational Therapy (OT) services offered due to an increased need, especially for the Veterans.

The benefits of expanding the services are three-fold:

1) The OT services ensure that the client consistently applies the techniques they learned while in rehabilitation. ) The expertise, feedback and suggestions from the contracted OT are professional and informative.

3) Elderhaus is able to serve as a focus site for University students enabling them to complete their field work and apply their skills.

It is our goal to continuously change and adapt to meet the needs of adults with special needs in our community in Northern Colorado.

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