Edgewater Collective

A nonprofit organization

Thriving Latino communities in Jeffco start with you and me

You believe that every community member should have an opportunity to thrive. Currently, Latino students and families in Jefferson County face hurdles to academic and economic success. Students dream of attending college and getting a great job. Families want to be able to save up to buy their own home.

Your passion makes a difference. It helps local students and families feel cared for and supported. They know they're not alone. They know you care about their success.

Together we can help students be ready for college or career and ensure their families can afford to live in Jefferson County and provide for their children.

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We co-create thriving Latino communities in Jeffco

through improving education, economic, and engagement goals.

Background Statement

Edgewater Collective began in 2013 to rally the community around its local, neighborhood schools. During the first year of operation, Edgewater Collective experimented with different programs from art walks to tutoring programs.

Then in 2014, it was decided that the best way forward was to act as a backbone organization to rally community partners around seeing every child in the community succeed from cradle to career. This effort was known as the Jefferson Success Pathway.

Since the pandemic we've shifted to provide direct programming to help students grow academically, advocate for great neighborhood schools with Latino family leaders and build community wealth through worker cooperatives.

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Edgewater Collective

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Medium Organization


2497 Fenton Street
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2483 Otis Court
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Jefferson County, CO, US

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