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Edge of Seven generates infrastructure and capacity-building services that invest in education and economic opportunities for girls and women in developing countries. We empower girls in Nepal, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda by supporting initiatives that are locally driven, community focused, and sustainable. Since 2010, Edge of Seven has made a direct impact in the lives of over 5500 girls and women and 25,000 more individuals in rural and marginalized communities.


"Through Edge of Seven, we volunteered for a 2 week trip to the Everest region of Nepal to build a school. The group was well prepared before the event so I felt comfortable when I landed in Kathmandu. While on the project, Edge of Seven staff went out of their way to make sure that my needs were met and that this was a great experience. This was the fourth project Edge of Seven had built in Nepal and they had the wrinkles ironed out. Overall, this was a memorable and eye-opening experience, and I am very impressed with the organizational skills of this group. A first class organization." -- Jeff T.

"Volunteering for Edge of Seven in Nepal was incredibly challenging and rewarding. I experienced living in a culture radically different from what I was used to and came away with close friends and a deep understanding of different cultures in that country. The Edge of Seven staff was incredibly helpful and professional. The program provides the peace of mind that makes volunteering abroad a pleasure, not a question mark." - Elise T.

"I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of Edge of Seven. Going into a foreign country to "volunteer" - well, you hope you're going over to do something good. So often non-profits have the best intentions, but lack either the organization or awareness to "get stuff done" in a foreign country. NOT Edge of Seven. Not only are they good at all those things, but they have partner affiliates abroad who were TRULY the best possible partners around. They ensured our safety and comfort, but most importantly, were truly working toward the vision of Edge of Seven. I fell in love with my host family, learned to speak a little Nepali, earned my Sherpa name, and believe it or not, thoroughly enjoyed back-breaking physical labor. If you're thinking about participating, stop thinking, and GO!" - June B.


Edge of Seven generates capacity-building services, and awareness for projects that invest in education, and economic opportunities for girls and women in developing countries. We empower girls by supporting initiatives that are locally driven, community focused, and sustainable.

Background Statement

Edge of Seven was founded in 2010. That year, Edge of Seven completed its first project--a primary school to serve 60 students--in Jarang, Nepal. In 2011, Edge of Seven initiated the Community Development Program to invest in opportunities for girls in the Everest Region of Nepal. Since then, Edge of Seven has completed 24 initiatives in Nepal, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, including:

* 24 classrooms and school buildings at the primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels to serve students that otherwise would not be able to attend classes in communities where girls are highly marginalized;

* Two community water supplies to improve health outcomes in areas where women previously spent up to five hours daily collecting water;

* Four dormitories for girls attending one of the region's few college-level schools. The hostel offers extracurricular activities, health and English language instruction, and bonding opportunities for the girls.

In 2011, Edge of Seven introduced earthbag construction to the Everest Region. Earthbag construction is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective construction method that uses local materials and unskilled labor. One of the largest benefits of earthbag construction in the Everest Region is that the buildings that it produces are seismically resistant.

All of Edge of Seven's development work and programming incorporates elements of sustainability, health, education, and economic opportunity for girls, their families and their communities.

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