Eagle Valley Humane Society

A nonprofit organization

The Eagle Valley Humane Society, EVHS, was established in 1974 to address the needs of homeless animals in Eagle County, Colorado. We rely solely on personal and corporate donations, grants from private foundations, and fundraisers to fund all of our programs.


The mission of the Eagle Valley Humane Society is

the prevention of cruelty to animals,

the enforcement of animal cruelty laws,

the relief of suffering among animals,

the promotion of humane education,

the facilitation of the adoption of homeless animals that are seeking forever homes, spreading community awareness of animal issues, and

the prevention of pet overpopulation through spay and neuter programs.

Background Statement

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The Eagle Valley Humane Society, EVHS, was established in 1974 to address the needs of homeless animals in Eagle County, Colorado; and the limited animal control services available at that time. Today EVHS retains its highly visible and respected role as the primary leader in public outreach programs that affect both people and animals. Each year we expand and improve our programs to help animals.

The Eagle Valley Humane Society has an extensive Foster Care Network to care for our homeless animals while they are being prepared for adoption. Some need medical care and/or socializing and some just need time to grow up. Of course all are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Our current community programs help about 1,000 animals each year.


Animal Protection Agent

Our Director is a Bureau of Animal Protection Agent, commissioned by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. With this commission, our Agent, investigates and enforces the state animal cruelty and neglect laws for domestic and equine animals. Each year there is an average of 100 investigations.

Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps-West

In February 2012, our director became the Unit Coordinator for this animal disaster team for the west half of Colorado. Many of our EVHS volunteers have also become credentialed volunteers able to respond to natural and man made disasters. We deployed three times this summer to help with two fires and a criminal animal cruelty case. Please call me if you are interested in volunteering for this team!

EVHS Adoption Center

Even though our animals are primarily in our foster care program, we do have a center where the public can visit some of our animals that are ready for adoption and we can take in surrenders before they are placed in foster care. About 200 animals are taken in by us annually.

Spay and Neuter Programs

The Family Pet Assistance Program provides free spay and neuter services to low income individuals. In addition, there are two annual reduced fee spay/neuter clinics that are held during April and October; open to anyone and these take place at every veterinary clinic in Eagle County.

Financial Medical Assistance

Low income families can apply for financial assistance. Many pets get injured or have a medical condition that families cannot afford. We help qualifying families financially directly through a veterinarian.

Volunteer Program

Our Volunteers participate in our programs for fundraising, adopt-a-thons, foster care, office work and more!

Free Dog Obedience Classes

Free five-weekly obedience classes are offered to anyone adopting a dog from a shelter, rescue group or from EVHS. Mark Ruark, CPDT, gives this class every Tuesday night throughout the year. He is also available to talk with recent adopters to help them with any of their dog's behavioral problems. Finding a solution to a behavioral problem ensures a successful adoption.

Foster Care Program

Our foster care program prepares our homeless animals adoption. The foster care volunteers provide the special attention and care at home while the animal is waiting to be adopted. Our foster care volunteers are a very dedicated and specialized group. Many of these animals are very young, without a mother, and need to be bottle fed. Some require daily medication or socialization. We also have foster parents that work with young feral kittens to help them become friendly kitties.


Feral cats are trapped, spay/neutered, vaccinated, injuries are treated, and they are returned to their colony or relocated.

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