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Douglas County Libraries elevates our community by inspiring a love of reading, discovery and connection.

Your support of Douglas County Libraries Foundation helps fund programs and services that reach youth, adults and families in Douglas County and across Colorado, and helps ensure the long-term success of our outstanding libraries. More and more community members rely on library services to improve their quality of life. Examples of library services include but are not limited to literacy programs, personalized help for small businesses, summer reading programs, services for parents, premium community events and a history research center. Douglas County Libraries welcomes all.


"I love our is a cornerstone of our community. It offers something for the at-home parent, children learning the value of reading, retired folks, those seeking a quiet place to study or job search, and those who want to keep up on current literature and news."

"A library is so important to the growth of our children, and to us, as individuals."

"The library is a vital part of my life and community. It is a testament to how much learning is valued in Douglas County."

"The library's literacy program helped me interact with people, and more importantly, gave me the opportunity to teach. When I came to this country, I didn't speak English. Someone took the time to teach me. That's how the library adds magic to my life."

"People are creating in the library. They're creating businesses, going back to school, studying, because they're going to create something. How would that happen if we didn't have libraries?"


The Douglas County Libraries Foundation delivers funding and resources to help sustain the Douglas County Libraries to positively impact our community members so they can grow and thrive.

Background Statement

Douglas County Libraries (DCL) has a long, vibrant history with a strong commitment to community development and education. What began in 1929 through the generosity of the Douglas County Woman's Club has blossomed into a thriving, nationally recognized library district with seven locations throughout Douglas County, Colorado.

Since its inception, Douglas County Libraries has been fortunate to have strong leadership, generous local philanthropists, hundreds of volunteers, and an unwavering commitment to literacy and lifelong learning. Programs to serve the diverse library population have been established, evaluated, and further developed throughout the District. More and more community members are relying on established library services to aid in improving their overall quality of life. Examples of library services are many and varied, including but not limited to literacy programs, personalized help for small businesses, summer reading programs and camps, services for new parents, and a history research center.

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