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Destination Imagination prepares Colorado kids to be the innovators of the future by combining the arts, science and technology with creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Our program teaches students the innovation process. Donations will be used to bring our program to more students in CO.


"Destination Imagination is scarier than being in a play, because when I am in a play, I am doing what the teacher told me to do. Where I stand, what I say, and what I am wearing is from the director. I don't get to choose. In DI, it is all me and my team. We created everything: the story, the set, the costumes. WE did it." - Michele, 8th grade DI team member and Global Finalist

"I see the kids involved in the program (including my kids on my team) gain skills that are critical for success - and that they don't get from anywhere else. These include creative thinking, teamwork, project management - all the great DI skills.

I want to be a good parent and so I want to find good places to volunteer my time to help the kids that go to school with my child. I think DI delivers the "biggest band for the buck" in terms of what the kids get out of it relative to my effort as a volunteer as a team manager. I find that very rewarding and very worth my time.
I also have developed a very close relationship with the kids on my team - that has gone past the life of the team. I feel very fortunate to know these kids so well and be a bid part of their life." Scott Dalgleish Team Manager, Boulder CO


Destination Imagination Colorado prepares Colorado kids to be the innovators of the future by combining the arts, science and technology with creativity, teamwork and problem solving.

Background Statement

Destination Imagination, Inc. is a global organization that teaches kids creativity, teamwork, and problem solving through educational challenges that focus on the arts (including theatre, music, and visual arts), science, and technology. Destination Imagination, Inc. licenses Affiliates around the world to provide the DI program. Each Affiliate is an independent organization. Colorado had the fourth largest Affiliate in the world averaging 750 teams and 9 statewide regions each year.

The volunteer-driven organization was founded in 2000 to provide Colorado students with student-centered programs that teach creative problem solving. For the first few years of its existence, Destination Imagination Colorado, partnered with the University of Denver's gifted student program for financial and administrative support. As the Destination Imagination program grew, the Board of Directors decided to become independent from the University of Denver.

Historically, the program has relied on program fees and a small amount of sponsorship to survive. The program has enough financial support to continue the program as it is, but not enough income to expand its services or increase its impact.

Destination Imagination Colorado continues to work hard to bring the DI Educational Experience to students all over Colorado. Last year with the help of Colorado Gives, 25 teams from Title I schools were given the opportunity to pursue this program.

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