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In a city as vibrant as Denver, the stark reality of food apartheid persists—20 neighborhoods across 15 zip codes experience systemic lack of fresh food due to urban policy and structural inequity. Founded in 2014, Denver Food Rescue (DFR) emerged to confront these disparities head-on, aiming to secure health equity for all Denver residents. By focusing on the intersection of food waste and health inequities, we've created channels that not only rescue fresh produce but also respect the cultural and dietary needs of the communities we serve.


Denver Food Rescue (DFR) was founded in 2014 to uniquely address the intersection of food waste and the health inequities created by food deserts. DFR’s mission is to produce health equity with Denver residents. DFR’s primary goal is to provide access to healthy food choices for those living in under-resourced areas. There are 20 neighborhoods in over 15 Denver zip codes that are considered to be areas of food apartheid, areas where a systemic lack of fresh food is created by urban policy and structural inequity. To achieve equitable health outcomes, these communities need access to fresh, culturally responsive, nutritious, and affordable foods year-round.

How Your Donation Makes an Impact:

  • Any Amount: Helps us continuously stride towards health equity for all Denver residents.

  • $50: Rescues 400 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for our No Cost Grocery Programs, reaching over 20 locations weekly.

  • $100: Provides 10 culturally responsive fresh food meal boxes, nourishing 10 families battling food insecurity.

  • Become a Roots & Resilience Monthly Donor : Planting Seeds of Change | Nurturing Community Strength

    • Why Monthly Donations?

      • Convenience for Donors: Spread out your donations for budget-friendly contributions. Automate your support to ensure you never miss an opportunity to make a difference.

      • Consistency for DFR: Monthly donations ensure stability, helping us plan more effectively and save on fundraising resources.

      • Boosted Donor Retention: As a Roots & Resilience donor, forge a deeper bond with DFR. Receive exclusive updates, special engagements, and opportunities to share your input.

      • Witness Your Impact: Stay updated on the real-world impact of your contributions and celebrate the positive change in the communities we serve.

Our Programs:

  • No Cost Grocery Programs (NCGP): Community-driven distributions at schools, medical centers, and nonprofits, all tailored to honor the dignity and cultural needs of neighborhoods.
  • Food Recovery and Distribution: Annually, we rescue over 700,000 pounds of surplus fresh produce and redirect them to 20 NCGPs.
  • Healthy Choice Food Box Delivery (HCFB): Direct to home, 600 families monthly get fresh produce boxes that they've had a say in curating.
  • Self Sufficiency and Nutrition Program (SAN): Empowering youth with essential kitchen skills, in collaboration with NCGPs and Denver Public Schools.

Join hands with Denver Food Rescue and be a catalyst in the movement towards health equity in Denver. Together, we can transform the landscape of food access in our community.


Denver Food Rescues' mission is to "Produce Health Equity with Denver Neighborhoods."

Background Statement

DFR was founded in 2012 to reduce food waste and increase food security, without adding to carbon green gasses. Research on food deserts (areas without access to food sources) shows several communities in Metro Denver without access to a grocery store. Additionally, and historically, many residents of these communities suffer from or are at-risk of developing diet related illnesses. To support the health and food security of these communities, DFR launched the No Cost Grocery Program (NCGP) model.

In 2014, three community-led and volunteer-driven NCGPs were established. Through strategic partnerships with food distributors and collaborations with existing community agencies. DFR volunteers rescues high-quality, fresh produce and healthy foods from distributors and delivers it to community NCGP sites. Rescued food is distributed within 2-hours, which maximizes the freshness and quality of the food choices and reduces further waste.

During 2019, over 185 DFR volunteers, rescued and delivered over 670,000 pounds of produce to 19 NCGPs who collectively provided healthy food access to over 57,000 individuals, which translated into 2.3 million dollars' worth of food being saved from the landfills and redirected to communities with the most need.

In 2020, 103,834 total individuals received fresh food through our 24 No cost Grocery Programs!

12,080 were unduplicated families, 39,363 were unduplicated individuals, 15,441 were unduplicated youth.

2020 also showed great success for our Fresh Food Connect program. 229 gardeners in 7 zip codes donated 5,000 pounds of produce to 600 food insecure residents!

DFR's amazing impacts are made possible by the commitment and dedication of volunteers, partnerships with food donors and community collaborations. It is through dedication, partnerships and collaborations that DFR can provide access to healthy food inside of schools, community and recreation centers, detention and health facilities centers afterschool programs and boys & girls clubs.

The emphasis on partnerships, community-led, volunteer- driven programming and the community board of directors provides DFR the ability and foundation to tailor programs to fit the unique needs of each community.

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