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Give Wings to Tomorrow: Your donation to Denver Audubon nurtures the next generation of environmental stewards, empowering them to protect our precious natural world. With your support, we're building a sustainable future where every contribution matters. Join us on Colorado Gives Day and be the fundamental force behind a brighter future for birds, wildlife, and their habitats.


Inspiring actions that protect birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through education, conservation, and research.

Background Statement

Denver Audubon is an independent local chapter of the National Audubon Society dedicated to the protection of birds and their natural habitats in the greater Denver area. With the collaborative effort of our donors and volunteers, our organization has been a steadfast champion of environmental conservation and bird advocacy since 1969.

Birds are not just creatures of beauty and song; they are essential to our ecosystem's health. They act as indicators of environmental change and play vital roles in seed dispersal, pollination, and pest control. Denver Audubon is committed to inspiring actions that protect birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through education, conservation, and research.

Our educational programs are essential in fostering a love for nature and a deeper understanding of the importance of bird conservation. Each year we engage thousands of individuals through:

• School Programs: Our school programs reach over 3,000 students annually, through single-session, year-long programs, and field trips to our Kingery Nature Center.

• Programs for Adults: We offer over 150 field trips and classes annually in addition to more in-depth education with programs including: Beginning Birdwatching, Birding Insights, Audubon Master Birders, and Community Naturalist Training.

• Denver Audubon Kingery Nature Center: Our extensive landscape of native plants gives sanctuary to over 345 bird species and hosts many of our classes, public programs, bird banding, and summer camps. Last year over 105,000 visitors and volunteers passed through our campus.

• Conservation: We support Denver-area residents and advocacy groups with workshops, advice, and guidance, including writing letters, commenting on legislation, and testifying at hearings.

• Research: In addition to initiatives including the Colorado Bluebird Project and Bird Banding, our Lois Webster Fund offers grants to support education and research focusing on Colorado’s non-game wildlife to enable researchers to find answers to questions important for conservation.

The National Audubon Society notes that over one third of the birds in North America were lost in the last fifty years - that is over 3 million birds! Climate change, habitat loss, pollution, and other environmental threats pose an increasing risk to the birds we cherish. We are part of the international effort to restore these populations.

Instilling an understanding of birds and nature while developing a stewardship mindset is at the heart of the mission of the Denver Audubon. We have earned a reputation as a premier science education and conservation steward for Metro Denver and beyond through field-based learning as an excellent complement to classroom lessons.

Like the strength of a flock migrating overhead, together we can make a positive difference in the world we share with our avian friends. Please consider making a gift to Denver Audubon today, because where birds thrive, people thrive.

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Denver Audubon

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Denver Audubon, Audubon Society of Greater Denver

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