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The Dumb Friends League is a leading community-based animal welfare organization in the U.S. and a national model in Socially Conscious Sheltering.

Each day, vulnerable pets and horses come to our doors in need of warm shelter, loving care, and relief from their pain and suffering. With your generous support, we cared for more than 44,000 animals at our five Colorado centers in the last fiscal year alone, including 21,098 homeless pets at our three shelters, 23,533 pets through our subsidized community veterinary services, and 272 horses at our Harmony Equine Center™. On behalf of all of us at the League, thank you for making a difference for so many pets and people in our shared community.


“There’s no greater reward than the love in their eyes.”

-Kaitlyn, Jaxon's adopter

At the League, we feel fortunate to help animals heal and find their new beginnings. While each animal who arrives at our shelters has a different story, all are waiting to meet someone who will love and honor them for exactly who they are.

Jaxon, an 80-pound spotted dog with a heart of gold, has always had a lot to say. When he first arrived at the League last October, our Behavior Care team knew his needs were many. Because of his anxiety, body sensitivity, high energy, and extremely vocal nature, he would need extra support in the shelter, not to mention an adopter who could give him grace and manage his stress when it got the best of him. Like all animals, having outlets for social play, physical activity, and mental stimulation was a must. But what Jaxon needed most was a loving person and a reliable place to call home.

After nearly three long months of dedicated behavioral support in our care, that person finally came. Kaitlyn, a loyal League adopter, was considering adding another dog to her family when she fell in love with Jaxon’s photo online. The following snowy day, when many Denverites tried their best to stay put and stay cozy, Kaitlyn made the long trek to the League to meet him. Their instant connection, combined with a successful visit with her resident dog, was everything our staff and volunteers had hoped for. Even more, it was exactly what Jaxon needed.

Now, nearly one year later, Kaitlyn can’t imagine life without exuberant and lovable Jaxon by her side. As the newest member of her pack, Jaxon has even helped his new canine pal make similar strides in her own healing journey. And while Jaxon may always exhibit anxious and high-energy behaviors, Kaitlyn gives him the grace and support he has long deserved. To her, this is who he is and who she loves – and she welcomes his traits and personality with open arms. “[Dogs are] doing the best they can with what they’ve been given,” she said. “There’s no greater reward than the love in their eyes.”

Your compassion and generosity help transform the lives of deserving animals like Jaxon and their families. Support our vital work by donating to the Dumb Friends League today.

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Working with our compassionate community, we will end pet homelessness and animal suffering.

Background Statement

The Dumb Friends League has been committed to helping animals live better lives since 1910. Throughout Colorado, we provide compassionate care through comprehensive services for pets and horses who are vulnerable to homelessness, suffering, and abuse.

When our organization was founded more than a century ago, it was named after an animal welfare group in London called, “Our Dumb Friends League.” At that time, the term “dumb” was widely used to describe animals because they lack the ability of human speech.

Today, the Dumb Friends League is one of the country’s leading community-based animal welfare organizations, providing a strong and steadfast voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Our work to support animals and people across our community is guided by:

• Compassion for all animals who come through our doors—whether they are lost, relinquished, or suffering, we will give them the treatment and care they need.

• Compassion for every person who enters our facilities—whether to adopt, to find their lost pet, or because they are unable to care for their pets and trust us to treat them with love and kindness.

• Compassion for people and animals in our community— providing accessible services, investigating animal mistreatment and neglect, offering behavior counseling to pet owners, and delivering humane education to teach respect for animals, people, and the world we share.

In order to fulfill our worthy mission, we rely on:

• Individuals to use our services when they find a lost pet or can no longer care for their own

• Neighbors to report animal abuse and neglect

• Fellow veterinarians in our community who encourage and help facilitate lifelong, accessible veterinary care for all animals

• Animal advocates and supporters to stand beside us as we address animal welfare issues throughout our region

• Community members to consider adoption before choosing to bring a companion animal into their lives

• The generosity of our donors, volunteers, staff, board members, adopters, and friends as they help provide continuity, strength, and compassion for vulnerable animals in our community

Many of the impactful programs started at the Dumb Friends League have been emulated by other shelters and organizations across the country. Here in Colorado, the services we provide help enrich the lives of thousands of animals each and every year. And that’s largely thanks to you. We are so grateful for the community’s trust and for your support of the animals and people we have the honor to serve.

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Dumb Friends League

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DFL, the League, Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center, Dumb Friends League Buddy Center™, Dumb Friends League San Luis Valley Animal Center, Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center™, Dumb Friends League Veterinary Hospital at CSU Spur

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Leslie A. Malone Center 2080 S. Quebec St.
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Veterinary Hospital at CSU Spur 4817 National Western Dr.
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San Luis Valley Animal Center 701 Airport Rd.
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