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Join the cause today and donate to DMK Rehoming to help provide spay/neuter outreach to under-served populations, and help us provide vetting/training to animal owners who need our help to keep their dogs safe and at home with them!


"Rescued both of my babies here. It is made very clear that they deeply care about each individual dog and are dedicated to finding the right homes. We could not be more thankful for DMK!" - Natalie Moya

"Amazing people doing incredible work for beautiful dogs in need. Don't shop, adopt! #SaveSouls" - Boone Riddle

"DMK has to be, by far, the most caring people I have ever met. They truly care about their pups as well as the people that adopt them. They are the best. If you're thinking about working with them, stop thinking and do it. I just can't say enough good things about them." - Justin Collum


DMK Rehoming is committed to assisting in the retention of family dogs by providing training, vetting and fencing to families who are committed to keeping their family together and just might not have the means to do so. DMK Rehoming has also dedicated funds to provide spay and neuter outreach across the Denver community.

Background Statement

The founder of DMK, Deb Brinkley always had a nack for helping animals in need. She has said that when she was younger she would 'collect' lost and homeless animals and try to help them. Living in a country setting, Deb encountered all types of animals and never wanted to stop saving the lives of dogs, cats, rabbits, salamanders, and birds! Fast forward to 2008 when DMK Rehoming was founded as a 501(c)3/non-profit non-breed specific dog rescue in Colorado. DMK was founded on the passion for helping animals in need, decreasing pet overpopulation, and making sure the right pet gets into the right home! DMK Rehoming had an on-site location for the rescue animals that split the facilities with Cisco's Den, a boarding facility that donated all of its profits to DMK Rehoming.

DMK Rehoming has saved hunderds of dogs over the years, and even a few felines! In 2011 & 2012, we adopted out ~250 dogs each year. After that, we have helped over 500+ dogs find homes each year from 2013-2016! We take pride in the amount of animals we have helped and work hard every day to continue this life saving work!

Today, DMK Rehoming dedicates time and money to spay/neuter outreach and vetting/training outreach for owners who have reached out to us in attempts to rehome their dogs. We are dedicated to helping people keep their pets by providing financial help! DMK Rehoming is a large operation that relies on individual contributors to save the amount of animals that we do! To help financially, we also host an annual fundraiser, Mardi Paws. Our volunteers also work countless hours in concession stands at Mile High & Fiddlers during concerts and sporting events and our volunteers also bring in tons of tips by volunteering at gift wrapping stands at Barnes & Nobles across the Denver area!

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