Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park

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Providing help after emergencies, disasters, and seasons of great need is critical to sustain a healthy community. In 2022, we served over 412 people each month by providing assistance with food, housing, medical, dental, prescriptions, utilities, gas, clothing, Meals on Wheels, laundry and showers.


Crossroads provides short-term assistance for people in poverty or crisis, including the temporarily unemployed or families in crisis who receive short-term assistance, and the working poor or persons with low fixed incomes who receive ongoing services. Crossroads encourages self-sufficiency through educational opportunities. All are treated equally no matter what. Everyone is welcome.

In 2022, Crossroads served 599 adults and 282 children (881 unduplicated individuals), comprising 438 different families. To qualify for ongoing assistance from Crossroads Ministry, clients must fall at or below 50% area median income level. In 2022, we saw 299 new families come to us asking for help. We gave out on average 28 shopping carts of groceries every day throughout the year. Along with the necessary food we partnered with many of our neighbors to overcome challenges that were keeping them from providing fully for their families.

Additional assistance was provided for needs such as temporary emergency (overnight) lodging or rental/mortgage housing to prevent eviction or foreclosure; help with costs of medical, dental, prescriptions; gasoline or critical vehicle repairs; vouchers for clothing, household goods, laundry and shower services.

Crossroads' most pressing needs are:

1. Donations for direct program services and operating expenses. Donations help meet client needs, such as food, assistance with rent or utilities, hygiene needs, medical bills, prescriptions and emergency transportation. The need is increasing as Crossroads Ministry has accepted responsibility for operating Estes Valley Meals on Wheels.

2. Volunteers. Crossroads Ministry offers numerous volunteer opportunities. If a person has a gift or talent, we will find a way for that person to help others through Crossroads Ministries.

3. In-kind gifts of food or household goods. Our food pantry feeds hundreds of families every year.

4. Planned legacy gifts or other capital contributions can help to ensure the future of the Crossroads mission.

Crossroads Ministry makes a vital difference in Estes Park and the Valley. In addition to touching the lives of the many persons we serve, Crossroads is a source of blessing for all who compassionately share their time, talent, and material resources on behalf of their neighbors in need. Crossroads Ministry works with a remarkable number of volunteers, donors, and friends, including churches, service clubs and other organizations like the Estes Park Extension of the Salvation Army and the United Way of Larimer County, as well as businesses, charitable foundations, and individuals/families in the community and across the nation. With only three full-time and two part-time staff members, it takes an additional 75 volunteers each month to serve persons in need in the Estes Valley.

Our services not only help to alleviate crises, but also empower individuals and families to move toward self-sufficiency. Our money management and energy conservation courses provide information and personalized coaching to help clients make better choices and more effectively utilize their resources.

For 41 years Crossroads has worked as an ecumenical organization to address the unique needs of those who find themselves in poverty. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteer representatives from our community. Our goal has been to address the practical needs of persons in need (food, utility, housing, medical assistance, etc.) as well as to assist individuals and families toward self-sufficiency. Because of our location in the mountains, low-income families are challenged by an inability to access services that are available elsewhere in the county. As a result, we offer to assist those in need in completing the required documents of partnering agencies, to improve their access to additional resources and services that will help sustain them for the long term.

"I want to thank Crossroads Ministry for your generous help for flood relief. You're such a caring organization, and I hope one day to be able to help you in some way. Thank you again, and God bless!" -C.M., client

"Crossroads Ministry has been a godsend to the impoverished and those down on their luck. If you live in the region and have anything to spare please donate it to them!" -Jason Wilder, via Crossroads Facebook page

"We can't thank you enough for all the help you have given us over the past 4 years… Both of our Social Security checks have begun, so we are finally where we can be on our own...


Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park is practicing Christian love

by providing basic human services to Estes Valley residents in need.

Background Statement

Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Inc. is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Gifts of cash and in-kind donations are tax deductible according to current federal and state laws.

Crossroads Ministry began as a Food Pantry established by St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in 1982, following the Lawn Lake flood that damaged many areas of the Estes Valley. By 1985, the St. Bart's congregation realized that community need for temporary assistance surpassed the support a single church could provide. Estes Valley Interfaith Council sponsored Crossroads Ministry's application for tax exempt status, which was received from the State of Colorado in 1985, and from the IRS in 1987.

Over the years, additional emergency services were added: rent/housing assistance, utility assistance, help with medical expenses, transportation, and other basic human needs, as well as disaster relief when needed.

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