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The Problem

Child physical and sexual abuse occurs in our community with greater frequency than most people realize. 

  • According to Darkness to Light, one out of every ten children will be a victim of sexual abuse before the age of 18.
  • 90% of children who are sexually abused know the offender.
  • Last year alone, the CCAC conducted 384 forensic interviews and provided advocacy services to 695 children and non-offending caregivers, but we know the need is much greater.
  • In fact, in 2021 the Colorado Department of Human Services received 2,317 substantiated reports of children who were physically and/or sexually abused. Research indicates only about 10% of child physical or sexual abuse is reported. 

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the CCAC is to prevent and respond to abuse and victimization through proven child-centered methods, professional forensic interviews, and collaborative advocacy.

Our vision is to eliminate the harm caused by child abuse.

About the Crawford Child Advocacy Center

For over 25 years, The Crawford Child Advocacy Center has been serving child victims of physical or sexual abuse and their nonoffending caregivers. Each year, we help hundreds of children who have been seriously abused to tell their stories in a safe, child-friendly environment. Our specially trained Forensic Interviewers talk with children in a developmentally appropriate and forensically sound way. The interview is recorded and used to help stop perpetrators and support and protect the victims and their families. Our Family Advocates assist with victims compensation, referrals to trauma-informed therapy, emergency funds to meet basic needs, tools for parenting children who have experienced physical or sexual abuse, and other information and resources.

We are a key partner to law enforcement and the Department of Human Services in cases involving child victims. 

In addition to responding to child abuse, the CCAC works to prevent it. Our school-based prevention program, Safety Smarts, provides a proven curriculum to children in elementary schools to teach them about safe touch, and what to do if they need help. Empowering children at a young age helps build a community that resists child predators and the methods they use to victimize children.


"I can't tell you how much I appreciate the countless number of hours that you and everyone at the CAC put in to help those people in need, every day! I'm just one person, but you all, as a team, bring our community a small bit of peace, kindness and love and light up what could be lives filled with darkness. Thank you!"

- Community Service Professional

"Without the Child Advocacy Center, we cannot do our jobs." 

- Chief Deputy District Attorney overseeing crimes against children

“Our Safety Smarts teacher was absolutely outstanding. She was excellent with children, knew exactly what to say/do/respond and handled the curriculum in an outstanding manner. We could not have been more happy with her…exceptional!”

-3rd Grade Classroom Teacher 


Our mission is to prevent and respond to abuse and victimization through proven child-centered methods, professional forensic interviews, and collaborative advocacy.

Background Statement

The Crawford Child Advocacy Center prevents child maltreatment and sexual abuse through training programs for adults and children. During the 2022-2023 school year, our Safety Smarts program taught over 5,800 elementary school students to recognize, refuse, and report attempts to sexually abuse them.

When abuse cannot be prevented, we provide a welcoming, child-friendly environment where the victim can participate in a forensically-sound interview that becomes key evidence in the prosecution of perpetrators. We provide caregivers with trauma-informed advocacy, support, and referrals to community resources.

The Crawford Child Advocacy Center is the only accredited organization of its kind serving Larimer and Jackson Counties.

The benefits of using the Child Advocacy Center model include:

-A child-friendly environment and the avoidance of having to travel to different places and "re-tell" their story decreases the possibility of re-traumatization.

-Child victims and non-offending caregivers receive immediate crisis intervention and referrals for crucial services.

-A multidisciplinary approach that brings together child caseworkers, law enforcement, and prosecutors for coordinated investigations, improved communication and data collection, and improved outcomes.

-Savings of an average of $1,000 per child abuse case compared to communities using the traditional disconnected approach to investigation and prosecution.

-Prevention training and forensic service programs that coordinate and inform each other, creating more effective outcomes for both.

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Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center (formerly)

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