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We help donors with philanthropic planning, support nonprofits with grants and endowments, and together, build resilient and connected communities.


"Ever since the Conflict Center began building an endowment with Community First Foundation in 2004, we have learned what it truly means to have a partner. The Foundation not only stewards the management of the funds, but also provides ongoing access to the endowment-building and fundraising professionals we couldn't support on our own as a small, community- based nonprofit. Community First Foundation's staff has walked right alongside us for all these years. We are so grateful and lucky to partner with them."  Ron Ludwig, The Conflict Center

"Community First Foundation's Innovators Society program plays an important role in creating a place where people and ideas can come together to help build healthy and thriving communities for all."  Brian Corrigan, Founder and Director, OhHeckYeah

"For years Jefferson Center for Mental Health wanted to create an endowment to ensure that mental health care would be available to the community and help pay for the care of the most vulnerable people. Community First Foundation helped us realize our dream."  Harriet L. Hall, Ph.D., CEO of Jefferson Center for Mental Health

"We're saving lives and putting families back together. You ask the women where they'd be without our program and most of the time they say they'd be in prison or dead. The endowment with Community First Foundation brings a sense of permanence to Friends of the Haven, provides an enduring legacy for donors to support, and significantly benefits recipients of the scholarships it supports."  Bill Winn, President, Friends of the Haven

"It is truly difficult to express what just happened here in our community this week. Something extraordinary, most certainly. And it is because of the generosity and support of the Community First Foundation that we were able to achieve this incredible success."   Tarsha Ebbern, Yampa Valley Gives, (Colorado Gives Day Regional Champion) referencing Colorado Gives Day


We connect ideas, people and nonprofits to make good happen in Jefferson County and Colorado!

Background Statement

Community First Foundation has been connecting donors and innovative Colorado nonprofits since 1975. As the community foundation serving Jefferson County, we are committed to connecting ideas, people and nonprofits so that all Jeffco communities have the opportunity to thrive. We help donors with philanthropic planning, support nonprofits with grants and resources, and together, build resilient and connected communities.

We believe it is hard to thrive when you cannot meet your most essential needs and that when our neighbors are economically secure, everyone benefits. We believe that resilient and connected neighborhoods are the backbone of a strong community, and that civil discourse and social justice is key to strengthening this place we call home.

We are passionate, we are hungry, and we love tough problems and new challenges. We set big goals that require the long view, but we know that our work today is the first step toward a better tomorrow. Let’s dream big and together, make good happen!

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Community First Foundation

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GivingFirst,, Giving First, Giving, Colorado Gives Day, iGiveFirst, GiveFirst,, ColoradoGives, The Liberty Community Fund of Colorado, LMC Community Foundation, Lutheran Medical Center Foundation

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