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Support of the Colorado Theatre Guild enables us to serve the theatre industry across Colorado in our mission of connection, celebration, advocacy, and education. Through your generosity, the CTG can continue to provide programming that helps theatre in Colorado thrive!


"CTG's Board President Betty Hart and the CTG partnered with the organization I belong to, the Rocky Mountain Artist's Safety Alliance, on a CTG sponsored panel presentation called "Making Safer Theatre Spaces". The team was gracious, supportive and about the best collaborators anyone could ask for. Several months ago, Betty had reached out to us, to inquire about our working together towards creating safer spaces in theatre. It was clear to me how important the work of safety, equity, respect, and collaboration are to the Colorado Theatre Guild. Together we are dedicated to this movement towards making our theatre region, largely led by the CTG, the best in the west. Betty's leadership and vision are a beacon of hope for our entire theatre community - and more than that action that will, no doubt happen, with her guidance and passion."

- Tamara Meneghini
Associate Professor, Department of Theatre & Dance
Rocky Mountain Artists' Safety Alliance
University of Colorado Boulder

"I have received a wealth of information joining in to the free workshops offered by the organization. It has been beneficial and empowering especially since 2020 has been challenging for us all in the arts. The workshops have allowed me to stay connected and informed and I have truly taken advantage and utilized the information provided. Thank you all for creating such an informative platform and I look forward to seeing many more to come."-

- Adrienne Martin-Fullwood
5280 Artist Co-op LLC

"CTG Workshops are always informative and relevant to me as an actor."
-Dwayne Carrington

"I lead the Advocacy Committee of the Colorado Theatre Guild because we help theatre arts folks all across the state who are here full-time and those temporarily working in the state. We work on educating and updating people on anything affecting the industry, whether it's something happening with a production or company, or a larger systemic issue that affects people's ability to participate in theatre making."
- Lia Kozatch, CTG Board Vice President, Chair for CTG Advocacy Committee

"Having attended the last Social Justice Workshop that was put on with the Colorado Theatre Guild, I learned many things. It was extremely useful to be able to listen and learn in a safe space where everyone was willing to speak their truth without judgment. It was also one of the best gatherings of the theatre community where we could see all the like minded allies that are willing to make sustainable changes for the long term."
- Robert Michael Sanders

"I believe that all arts organizations are in the midst of the biggest challenge we have ever faced, As the leader of a service organization, the question I have in my mind is, 'How can we help?' 'How can we strengthen the theatre community in a time when we keep taking these body blows?' I think the answer to that is to really work together in a newfound way so that we can shore up each other's strengths and weaknesses and help each other make it through this. I am able to collaborate well with others and get people to want to contribute to the solution. And that's really why I am in it. Because I think I can help."
- Betty Hart, CTG President


CTG's Mission:

The Colorado Theatre Guild (CTG) serves the theatre industry in Colorado through connection, celebration, advocacy, and education.

CTG's Vision:

We envision an equitable, just, accessible, diverse, and inclusive Colorado theatre community that leads the nation through advocacy, collaboration, innovation, and celebrating the power of authentic experiences through the theatre arts.

Background Statement

Founded in 1979 as the "Colorado Theatre Producers Guild" by Henry Lowenstein, Ed Baierlein, Al Brooks and Maxine Munt, the Guild was initially created to bring producers of live theatre in Colorado together to communicate and share information. In 1999, the organization adopted a new trade name and broadened the scope of its membership to include both theatre production companies and individuals in the theatre community. That year The Colorado Theatre Guild, or "the CTG," grew to over 80 members; new committees were formed, and the CTG began to develop a broad pallet of new programming to serve its growing community.

In 2001, the CTG received preliminary approval for 501(c)(3) status, with final approval confirmed in early 2006. In 2003, CTG launched its website which has become a comprehensive resource and communication tool for connecting and enhancing all things theatre in Colorado.

In June of 2006, CTG produced the first annual "Henry Awards" at the Denver Civic Theatre. Named for legendary Colorado theatre producer Henry Lowenstein, the Henry Awards honor achievements in acting, directing, and design as well as production and season of work. The Henry Awards continue to be a celebration of powerful and authentic theatre in Colorado.

Today, the CTG is a unique organization that serves the theatre industry in Colorado through connection, celebration, advocacy, and education as well as providing the public with information, access and opportunities relating to live theatre events statewide. Currently, the CTG has over 400 individual and organizational members, and CTG member organizations range in size from large theatre companies to smaller community theatre groups all across the state.

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