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We help Coloradans preserve and protect the historic places that matter to them. Join us and support us in building a strong future for Colorado with historic places.


"I have chosen Colorado Preservation, Inc. as one of my primary nonprofits to support. Their work throughout the entire state over the past thirty years has helped to provide thousands of people with an appreciation of both our historic buildings and landscapes, not to mention the incredible wealth of stories we have here in Colorado." - Elizabeth Hallas, former Board Member

"The Endangered Places Program is starting to make a positive impact in rural areas in western Colorado. Through the help of CPI we are experiencing an 'awakening'... The support is immeasurable in helping to save places that matter." - Chris Miller

"The Georgetown Trust is very supportive of Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s Endangered Places Program. The Trust has personal experience with this program as our project, the 1874 Georgetown School was named to the list in 2005. The publicity that resulted from that designation enabled us to contract with the owner for purchase of the building and subsequently raise the funds for its restoration to finally see it celebrated as a 'saved' structure in 2011. It would have been very difficult to accomplish any of that work without the public recognition and advocacy provided by EPP." - Cynthia Neely

"CPI's help in our town provided a larger point of view with examples from other places. Their involvement helped rally our local leaders and media resulting in the rescue of one of our most iconic buildings." - Joanne Garrison


Colorado Preservation, Inc. promotes historic preservation statewide through advocacy, education, outreach and preservation services to communities and individuals.

Our vision is to foster an ethic of inclusivity and diversity by engaging individuals to honor and protect their heritage, to build a sustainable future with historic places, and to prioritize the past as legacy.

We value and respect all cultures and advocate for telling the stories of diverse and underrepresented communities through the preservation of Colorado's historic landscapes, resources, features, and sites for present and future generations. As an organization, Colorado Preservation, Inc. strives to promote an ethic of inclusivity and diversity through its engagement with individuals and organizations to protect the places of significance to all residents.

Background Statement

Colorado Preservation, Inc. (CPI) was founded in 1984 as Preservation Action Colorado by 43 citizens interested in preserving our state's built heritage. A year later, the organization gained 501(c)3 nonprofit status under a new name, Colorado Preservation, Inc., and grassroots volunteers worked to define our role as an effective preservation organization with education programs, public policy advocacy, and a newsletter. In the ensuing years, our accomplishments have grown as have we, working with myriad properties, people, and projects to preserve Colorado's heritage. Some notable moments from our more than 30 years of service to Colorado include:

In 1985, Colorado Preservation, Inc. hosted its first Conference; Saving Places® has grown to the largest statewide preservation conference in the nation and is the premier event for preservation in the Rocky Mountain region. In 1988, we hosted our first Dana Crawford Awards ceremony, which continues today to honor exceptional advocates for preservation in our state.

In 1986, our public policy committee began efforts that culminated, Colorado Preservation, Inc. was involved with the passage of the State Income Tax Credit for Historic Rehabilitation in 1990 and its re-authorization in 1999. CPI was also involved in passing the Colorado Job Creation and Main Street Revitalization Act, bringing an enhanced state historic preservation tax credit to all Colorado communities in 2014 and the recent effort to reauthorize the tax credit in the 2018 legislative session.

In 1997, Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s signature Endangered Places Program began, which has received both national attention and the Stephen H. Hart Award from History Colorado. Highlighting 130 sites in its 24-year history, this program helps dozens of communities with their preservation efforts in every region of the state.

Today, with a dedicated board of directors and staff, Colorado Preservation, Inc. continues to further promote and advance historic preservation throughout Colorado.

Historic preservation is about keeping our heritage alive and relevant, respecting the environment, revitalizing entire communities and honoring our special sense of place.

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