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We empower Coloradans to live a car-free lifestyle & have a + impact on our health, wealth, & the environment. Our network of carshare vehicles allows members to get there without owning a car, making Colorado a Cooler, healthier & more socially equitable place to live as we electrify our fleet!


AWESOME PROGRAM, I'm deeply grateful, has made these last weeks so much more doable. I toyed with the notion of not having a car after this experience, have remembered the joy of walking, and just knowing there's a car available makes all of that a possibility. Kudos and deep gratitude.

This bus pass has played a huge role in making it possible for me to be more mobile. Next week, I will make my first ever trip to DIA with it. Additionally, the Multi-modal Toolkit through CO CarShare changed my life. I am finally able to attend to my errands and needs at my own speed. This has a profound effect on the day-to-day quality of my life. Thank you.


Colorado CarShare's mission is to provide and promote alternatives to individual car ownership, thereby reducing the environmental and social impacts associated with motor vehicle use.

Background Statement

Colorado CarShare was started by a group of Boulder citizens who were concerned about minimizing their environmental impact, and who strived to leave a more sustainable legacy for future generations. They took the issue of transportation to heart and made a commitment to minimize their automobile use. In 1997, the "Little Red Car Co-op" was formed. The momentum continued forward, and in 1998, Boulder CarShare (BCS) was founded.

The organization was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit on August 28, 1998. Approval by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity came on April 3, 2006. Boulder CarShare rebranded in January 2009 as eGo CarShare in order to expand its service to the City of Denver. In March of 2009 eGo CarShare placed its first three cars in Denver and in the Fall of 2009 eGo CarShare received its first significant outside funding from a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant to aid in its expansion to core Denver neighborhoods. This funding accelerated eGo's transition from a small, local program, to a regional force in the carsharing industry representing over 3,000 members and managing 45+ vehicles. In the past two years eGo has been growing at a rate of 30-50% per year.

In the past few years the carsharing industry has been evolving and growing rapidly, and several large, for-profit carshare providers have recently expanded to Denver. CO CarShare remains the only non-profit carshare provider in the region and is the longest running and largest round-trip carsharing program in the area. CO CarShare remains committed to ensuring that its program addresses transportation equity issues as directly and comprehensively as possible and consequently CO CarShare's usage rates ($5.50/hr) are about half that of national, corporate carshare companies such as Zipcar ($9-10/hr).

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Colorado CarShare

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Colorado CarShare, Boulder CarShare, eGo CarShare

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