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The Colorado Center for Aging exists to "Raise the Voice of Older Coloradans!".   CCA is the only non-partisan, non-affiliated, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to educating, informing, representing, and advocating in support of ALL older Coloradans.  



A Colorado where all older adults have full inclusion, appreciation, and respect, giving their voice and being heard on the ranges of issues which will increase their own thriving, and well-being of all Coloradans.


To seek, create, and provide forums for the voices for older Coloradoans to be heard in meaningful and impactful ways, so as to create and sustain the age-friendly community which they, and we all, seek. We educate and inform the public, community leaders, and elected officials in diverse communities across the state on issues which impact the health and well-being of older Coloradans.

Background Statement

The Colorado Center for Aging (CCA) is currently made up of and supported by:

• 1200 Supporters (receiving our weekly eNewsletters)

• 200 Members (engaged in topics and issues concerning older Coloradoans)

• 50 Weekly Participants (of our Advocacy Committee Meetings and involved in Research Subcommittees)

• A Board of Directors (of 8), and an Advisory Team (4) all with sound experience and knowledge in serving older Coloradoans

• An Executive Director, and Communications Specialist

CCA consistently produces the following:

• Thoughtful, researched policy positions on approximately 40 pieces of legislation per year (approximately 2000 pieces in its 40 year history), done by members serving on 18 different research topic groups.

• Trainings in advocacy and political process to approximately 50 citizens/year (approximately 1100 advocates trained in the 25 year history of that program).

• At least one day of advocacy, visibility, and relationship-building with legislators at the State Capitol each year of around 200 older Coloradoans (the “Senior Day at the Capitol”, rebranded as “A Capitol Affair” in 2020).

• Regular Webinars on issues facing older Coloradoans, given by local and regional experts.

• A state-wide “Voices on Aging Townhall” meeting where dozens of individuals give their personal, regional perspective on issues facing older adults in Colorado.

• A continuing Voices on Aging video series where older Coloradoans are interviewed for their perspectives on aging and aging issues in our state.

• A Value of Older Coloradoans Fact Sheet which gives data findings about the impact and contributions of older Coloradoans.

• A weekly eNewsletter comprised of information and article references on issues that are of great interest to older Coloradoans.

Prior to rebranding and reincorporating (May 2021) CCA existed as the Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL, its creation in 1980). CSL had a robust and decorated history of impact through weighing in on, and even creating, legislation that protects and benefits older Coloradoans; a history which CCA carries on to this day. Some examples are the following:

• The Older Coloradoans Act – This bill followed the Older Americans Act of 1965 and helped to direct and appropriate those funds on a state level.

• The Colorado State Ombudsmen Program (1977) – In this year the Department of Social Services subsumed the privately-run Ombudsman program to serve all Coloradoans.

• Spousal Protection in Long-Term Care (1994) – This legislation safeguarded older married couples from going into poverty while caring for their spouse.

• Property Tax Credit Act – This act created a maximum amount of taxation for low income individuals, and a corresponding property tax credit.

• Elder Abuse/Care (Senate Bill 13-111, or SB13-111)

– This created mandatory reporting of abuse or exploitation of at-risk elders (over age 70)

• Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse (HB 17-1253)

- This bill required certain financial professionals to report potential financial exploitation of covered adults to the Securities Commissioner to include law enforcement in the investigation.

• Dementia Diseases and Related Disabilities (HB19-1091) - This bill updates official terminology concerning dementia to reflect both the range of dementia diseases and the impact on a person's functioning. By doing so it also adds persons with dementia diseases and related disabilities to certain state services.

• Protection from Unlawful Abandonment and Confinement (SB19-172) - This bill expands crimes against an at-risk person by creating new offenses for unlawful abandonment or false imprisonment of an at-risk person.

• CAPS Check Program Changes (HB20-1302) - This bill makes changes to reporting requirements for the mistreatment of at-risk adults, requires employers to provide access to their records to counties conducting investigations of allegations of mistreatment, and updates who must receive a background check through Colorado's Adult Protective Services data system.

• Mobile Home Park Updates (HB20-1196) - The bill amends statutes regarding mobile parks protect against termination, provide necessary maintenance and safety, and other protections and benefits.

• Colorado Revised Statute 39-3-203, Senior Property Tax Exemption of 2002 - This was a bill that became a constitutional amendment add provides a break on property taxes to people over age 65 and disabled veterans. Certain restrictions apply.

• Grants for Property Tax Rent and Heat (HB19-1085) - Low Income Colorado residents over the age of sixty-five are eligible for a property tax and rent assistance rebate grant and a heat and fuel expenses rebate grant, if they meet certain conditions. These are commonly known as the PTC rebates.

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