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At CO-LABS we believe it is crucial to support scientific research in Colorado - and that discoveries in federal research labs here are making the world smarter, safer, more resilient and  capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st Century. 

We Envision Colorado as the Epicenter of Interdisciplinary Scientific Discoveries 

by a Diverse Network of Scientists Shaping The Path of Humanity.

Why we seek your support: 

We inform civic and political leaders of the crucial impact the network of 30+ federally-funded research labs and institutes in Colorado have on our local economy, our national prosperity and our national security.  Via your tax dollars the discoveries from these labs make the world a safer, smarter, more resilient and sustainable place. The scientific research in Colorado covers a broad spectrum of issues, from food production to climate change, aerospace to quantum computing, energy to disease threats to ecology to robotics to digital communication, and more. If there is a policy or technological issue you're concerned about, there is a lab in Colorado working on that topic. 

These labs are part of our county’s network of “crown jewels of scientific research” such as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Wildlife Research Center, the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, the National Institute Standards and Technology, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the National Ecological Observatory Network.

Their research is crucial to advancing our society and finding solutions to complex modern problems. These institutions are under constant threat of budget limitations, which is where we come in to advocate for them on a local and national level. 

By supporting CO-LABS, you play a crucial role in strengthening the connections between dozens of federal research laboratories, businesses and civic institutions to help bring science into society as products, solutions and policy guidance. The majority of our funding is used for events, webinars and other activities that convene these stakeholders, making them aware of the opportunities to leverage their technologies and their networks to bring scientific discoveries out to the labs into society. .

Our major projects we’re fundraising for on Colorado Gives Day include an updated economic impact study and our 2024 procurement expo.  

With our programs and advocacy we ensure technologists,  economic development experts, scientific thought leaders and elected officials can leverage the  resources, discoveries and cutting-edge technologies available in Colorado's federal research labs.

Through events, economic analyses, strategic communications and networking activities we work to: 

• PROMOTE Colorado as a global leader in research and technology

• EDUCATE the public about the labs’ impact and importance of sustained funding for research 

• CONNECT the labs, universities and businesses to facilitate partnerships and technology transfer 

Thank you for your support of science in Colorado!


“CO-LABS does outstanding work for Colorado’s science community, supporting research labs that advance the frontiers of knowledge as well as sustain Colorado’s diverse economy. Its mission strengthens productive connections among research facilities and vital stakeholders across the state. I deeply appreciate the dedication of CO-LABS and look forward to continuing collaborations with this important organization.” 

- Antonio J. Busalacchi, President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

“It's a great recognition of the assets in this area with 30 National Labs. It's unlike any place in the country. And really fortunate to see not just how CO-LABS operates, but how these labs are flourishing. And especially in the most recent time, the trends have been to really understand their power and invest in them in our country.” 

- Dr. Alan Rudolph, former Vice President for Research at Colorado State University and recipient of 2023’s Governor’s Awards Lifetime Achievement Award


It is our mission to ensure Colorado's federal research laboratory ecosystem remains a world-class scientific discovery and innovation asset to the state and the country by communicating the value of taxpayer-funded research, promoting partnerships with federal labs and connecting with key stakeholders across academia, the private sector and civic leadership.

CO-LABS is a non-profit consortium of federal research labs, research universities, businesses and economic development organizations with a mission to support and expand the positive impacts of taxpayer-funded research in Colorado.

In pursuit of this mission and vision, CO-LABS educates the public, businesses, educational organizations, and government officials about the value of federally-funded scientific laboratories. We create connections between these sectors, and support the technology transfer of Colorado's scientific resources from the lab into society.

Background Statement

We Connect Technologists To Manifest Scientific Discoveries Improving the World.

Since World War II, our country's national security and global leadership in technology has relied on fundamental scientific research and discoveries in taxpayer-funded research labs. Over several decades, Colorado has grown to host one of the highest per capita concentrations of federal science, research and engineering facilities in the nation. The state has over 30 federally funded research labs with renowned scientists whose research has global impact in a range of fields including agriculture, climate and weather, earth science, materials science, natural resource management, renewable energy, space physics and telecommunications. The labs employ nearly 8,000 scientists and engineers and contribute more than $2.6 billion to the state economy each year, supporting innovation and growth in high- tech industries.

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