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Clean Energy Action accelerates the transition to a post-fossil fuel world by inspiring, training, and supporting our community to: decarbonize their energy supplies, phase out all of Colorado's coal, oil, and gas as soon as possible, and build a low-carbon energy economy of the future


"Clean Energy Action is an amazing team of talented, energetic, dedicated, focused and effective individuals. I think that supporting CEA is the best investment available in Colorado for our children's future." - Joe McDonald, Former CFO, Boulder Community Hospital

"CEA started as a collection of individuals brought together by the outrageous idea of bringing an end to burning coal and fossil fuels to power Boulder, Colorado and beyond. It's a spirited organization that has taken the lead in what is now a national movement. To get the real facts and gain valuable insights into energy issues, I turn to CEA. Can't think of a better organization to support." - Len Aitken, Emmy-winning film producer

"I'm acutely aware that Colorado's 'New Energy Economy' owes a huge debt of gratitude to Leslie Glustrom and Clean Energy Action. Leslie's work functions like the tip of the spear, making it possible for congenitally more conservative mainstream organizations to push the envelopes of their policy agendas considerably further than would otherwise be possible." - Becky English, chair of the energy committee for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club, and chair of the legislative committee of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society


Clean Energy Action has long recognized that climate change is an existential crisis and so has worked tirelessly to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy by:

- Educating the public on the impacts of fossil fuel use, especially on marginalized communities, and on the benefits of clean energy alternatives;

- Supporting data-driven citizen action to shut down coal power plants and prevent oil and gas drilling;

- Conducting and disseminating research on coal, oil, and gas supplies and utilities; and

- Envisioning an equitable clean energy future where fossil fuels are eliminated and renewable energy powers a sustainable economy in a stable climate

Background Statement

Clean Energy Action (CEA) was founded in 2005 by a small team of citizens organizing around climate change. They opposed the construction of Xcel Energy's newest and largest Colorado coal-fired power plant, Pueblo Unit III (Comanche III) in Pueblo, Colorado. As unaffiliated consumer watchdogs, this group of concerned citizens questioned the prudence of the new coal plant before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. While continuing to put pressure on the State and PUC to move away from Pueblo Unit III, the group then proceeded to build momentum around retiring existing coal plants - based on the combination of environmental and economic impacts of burning coal, including diminishing coal supplies in the United States.

To raise public awareness in a time before discussion of the climate crisis was widespread, CEA began a campaign of community education that comprised a monthly "Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series" as well as community trainings and teach-ins, and supporting clean energy. Clean Energy Action was a driving force behind the public outpouring of support for cleaner, lower-carbon energy at numerous public hearings and protests from 2005 to the present. In 2010, Clean Energy Action applied for, and received, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. More recently, the data compiled and publicized by CEA co-founder Leslie Glustrom and others regarding the bleak economic outlook of the coal industry in the U.S. has proven to be true. Coal is no longer King, now being the most expensive fuel for generating electricity.

CEA has also worked with communities throughout Colorado and in other states as they have come to recognize the importance of taking responsibility for decarbonizing their energy sources. The CEA board is currently dedicated to training and supporting the next generation of climate and sustainability leaders to continue the cause for clean energy and more sustainable policies at the local, state, and national levels.

CEA has entered into an educational collaboration with our close ally, Empower Our Future (EOF). EOF is a Boulder-based citizen coalition that has led the way on issues like municipalization and community choice energy. CEA and EOF share many values in common, and are both committed to advancing climate justice, energy democracy, and local power. Therefore, CEA looks forward to working with EOF to amplify both groups' message and to better serve their community by providing free public education and information on a variety of energy and climate topics.

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