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Neighborhood Clean Ups

All Neighborhoods start with an identity and a place. The most vibrant neighborhoods, however, build on that foundation by celebrating their shared story and local pride. CONO aims to offer neighborhoods the chance to celebrate their unique identities by providing services and tools that enable those expressions that pride. 

CONO’s partnership with the City of Colorado Springs, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, and other local organizations led to investments of time, effort, and dumpsters - all free to the neighborhood. 

In 2022, CONO activated around 1200 residents in 20 events that raised $3500 in donations towards community art and neighborhood clean ups from Colorado Springs neighborhoods.  Neighborhood Clean Up events and Art Projects are one tool that can help neighbors not only beautify their neighborhoods, but also meet one another and promote healthy relationships.

Block Parties-

A long-time favorite program of CONO's is providing assistance with permitting and barricade rentals for neighborhood block parties. A recent study conducted by says that knowing at least 6 of your neighbors reduces the risk of loneliness and promotes healthy lifestyles. 

CONO partnered with the Colorado Springs Office of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services to assist with permitting and planning of neighborhood block parties. With CONO's help, neighbors can focus on having fun in their communities while building new relationships

In 2022, CONO supported 38 Colorado Springs Block Parties with barricades, permits, and services. Among the year’s highlights were Old North End Fest, the Starlight Spectacular, Westfest, Fall in Love with Hillside and of course, Porchfest. Creating a safer, kinder, and happier world starts locally, and it starts with a party. 

Neighborhood U-

All leaders start somewhere...

Neighborhood University is a free 10-week class offered twice a year designed to establish a foundation of civic knowledge for engaged citizens in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. 

Individuals who participate in Neighborhood University will be eligible to serve as leaders within CONO’s Neighborhood Networks. 

Neighborhood University teaches residents about planning processes from the city, utilities and developers perspectives, engages them in conversations around consensus building and collaboration, and gives them the tools needed to engage with leaders in civic dialogue.

In 2022, CONO executed 2 Neighborhood University sessions and graduated over 80 individuals. 


CONO strengthens neighborhoods through community engagement, education, and trust-building.

Background Statement

CONO formed in 1976 to help neighborhoods improve the quality of life for their residents. A recent strategic plan and visioning process that began in the Fall of 2021 has guided the organization to focus on education, community engagement, and building trust with values of transparency, accessibility, integrity, creativity, and strategic resilience.

With a growing population, the need for educating and equipping neighborhood leaders from within their own communities is long overdue.

Our vision is to Build Neighborhood Networks- building networks of people to come together to solve problems, lift up voices around shared values and provide a conduit of leaders to better communicate those values to decision-makers.

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