Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity & Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

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COLOR organizes and advocates for the Latinx community through the intersectional framework of Reproductive Justice. Our work ranges from moving policy through the state legislature, empowering Latinx voters, youth leadership development, and offering resources for our communities to thrive.

For COLOR, Reproductive Justice is the ability for all Coloradans to be able to lead safe, healthy, and self-determined lives where we can all make decisions about our bodies, families, and lives without shame or fear of policing.

Latinas are leading the charge for Reproductive Justice in Colorado.  We’ll continue to lead in building a future where reproductive healthcare is safe, accessible, and without shame.


"As a Texan, my time at COLOR has had an important impact on me in regards to what it means to be in a state that values reproductive rights. When I came to Colorado for college, I knew that it was a wildly different place in so many ways, yet I could have never imagined that 5 years later I would be a part of something monumental. Passing the Reproductive Health Equity Act gave me hope not just for the people in this state, but for my people back home. Now that I’ve completed my fellowship, I look forward to bringing the wins for reproductive justice here to the Texas State Capitol when I eventually move back–we’re really gonna shake things up!" Victoria Acuña, 2022 Policy Fellow and current Community & Youth Political Organizer 

"COLOR has supported me through the entire pandemic by offering me opportunities to grow professionally and by giving me an outlet to make an impact in my community. I have been able to work on great projects with COLOR's talented staff while attending school and supporting my family through this pandemic. 

I've been so positively impacted by COLOR's programs that my close family and friends have also joined COLOR in some capacity, such as my sister who also graduated from the LIPS program and is now a Youth of COLOR fellow!

It's been a rewarding experience to find this organization with people who care deeply about the communities they advocate for and to learn from their passionate expertise." Jennifer Arreola, 2020 LIPS participant, 2021 Youth of COLOR organizing Fellow, and current Senior Civic Engagement Organizer


COLOR is a community-rooted organization that works to enable Latinx individuals and their families to lead safe, healthy, and self-determined lives.

Background Statement

COLOR’s herstory began in 1998 with a grassroots group of Latinas searching for strategies to overcome increasing rates of HIV/AIDS and other issues impacting the Latino community in the areas of education, health care, civil rights, economic justice, and immigration. With the help of a grant from the Latinas Unidas State Coalition Project for the National Institute for Reproductive Health, our Founding Mothers started working to create a voice and presence in the area of reproductive health and freedom in Colorado, and COLOR became the first Latina-led and Latina-serving reproductive justice organization in the state.

Twenty five years later, COLOR works to advance reproductive justice for all Coloradans. COLOR’s base members or, ‘COLORistxs,’ are largely Spanish-speaking immigrants, LGBTQIA+, low-income, and people who identify as women and people of color, including youth and young activists, as well as families. Our year-round base building efforts and programming are centered on building power for the Latinx community across Colorado.

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