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CLEER is leading efforts to speed the clean energy transition across our region (see Where We Work), and demonstrating how other rural and mountain areas can do the same. Focusing on local solutions, we bring people and communities together, inspire action and create tangible progress. Our work focuses on developing a more prosperous, sustainable economy that delivers the benefits of clean energy to all.

CLEER’s Impact: By the Numbers

(On a mobile device, tap to enlarge the graphic.) Figures are totals since 2008, attributable to projects in which CLEER has been involved.    

Three Keys to Achieving Our Net-Zero Goals

Our state and local governments have set long-term goals for zeroing out emissions and transitioning to clean energy. CLEER utilizes the following key strategies to ensure rapid progress:


Solar energy can provide much of the electricity to power for our buildings and transportation, while geothermal holds the promise of replacing fossil-fueled heating and cooling. CLEER is driving efforts to maximize locally sited solar development, rather than relying on electricity imported from large-scale projects elsewhere, and is seeking to demonstrate the feasibility of large-scale geothermal in our climate. Such efforts are key to diversifying the regional economy – and to ensuring a “just transition” that cares for displaced workers and maximizes the benefits of clean energy for all.


Transportation is one of the largest sources of emissions in our region, and decarbonizing this sector requires urgent, concerted action and an array of tactics at the state, regional and local levels. CLEER helped develop what is now ReCharge Colorado, a state program that helps consumers, fleet managers and transit agencies switch to electric vehicles and provides technical assistance to install electric charging facilities. CLEER provides coaching in 14 counties, and also champions walking, bicycling and transit alternatives along with policies to reduce traffic growth.


Eliminating emissions from buildings is the other big challenge of the clean energy transition. Building electrification is the long-term solution, but increasing energy efficiency will get us there faster and at much lower cost – plus, it creates jobs and puts money back into the local economy. CLEER developed and manages Garfield Clean Energy’s energy-efficiency programs, which help homeowners, renters, businesses and local governments save energy and reduce emissions. It also operates an online tool for tracking energy use and solar production in 150 large buildings across the region.

CLEER’s vision for a clean energy future 

  • A more diverse, sustainable economy that harnesses the power of energy innovation 
  • Green for all: policies and funding structures that ensure that all households and communities enjoy the benefits of clean energy and that no one is left behind in the transition 
  • A more resilient energy system, thanks to a smarter, less centralized grid 
  • A healthier environment for us and for future generations 
  • A connected, forward-looking region that’s doing its part to curb climate change


CLEER works to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, increase energy independence and reduce our contribution to climate change.

Background Statement

CLEER was created in 2008 to help Garfield County and rural Colorado use energy efficiency, renewable energy and alternative fuels to achieve energy independence and climate protection. Our work emphasizes these approaches:

- We join together as a region to create economies of scale for creating opportunities and overcoming barriers to clean energy.

- We increase awareness of energy use, and engage people in taking a more active role in shaping their energy and economic future.

- We offer easy access to assistance for households, businesses and governments by mobilizing a team of clean energy experts.

- We turn clean energy and climate protection into an economic opportunity.

- We serve as a catalyst for tangible progress and measurable results.

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