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"Thank you CABPES! My daughter had zero confidence in her math abilities.  She is now in honors/advanced math and routinely scores in the 90% or higher on her homework, quizzes, and tests.  Her twin brother is also more confident in math, " said CABPES parent, Angela Garland.

"Today I graduated high school. It is thanks to the CABPES JETS and MEP program that I was able to excel the way that I did. A big thanks to you (Dewey Brigham) and the rest of the amazing volunteers at CABPES," said Ricardo Zapata a CABPES and Colorado Early College Graduate.

CABPES parent, Kathleen Dawkins says, "IXL is the first tool that has allowed me to view, in real-time my son's online participation via the Analytic reports. While this is key in understanding his math skills, it also supports me in parenting to his integrity, character, and goal-setting. Thank you to CABPES for introducing me to this tool and giving my family access to it."

"CABPES has had a huge impact on my life because at one point, I had no thoughts to attend college nor did I take the initiative to apply, but with a building full of supporters, it's like you have to try NOT to go to college. ...almost every side conversation I have had or have with an adult it included one question, "What college are you going to?" Not, " Are you going to college?" When people believe in you and know your potential, you always want to do your best to succeed and make not only them proud, but be proud of yourself for the choices you make," said CABPES student Xavier Harris.

"I discovered that engineers are one of the key backbones of modern society and the opportunities in engineering are enormous, " said CABPES student Kris Schneider.

"My CABPES experience will be one that I will look back on as a broadening of my perspectives and an augmentation of my curiosity," said CABPES graduate Gael Hagan.

"I plan to take my accumulated knowledge from CABPES and hopefully become an advocate for the exploration of knowledge in my future years," said CABPES graduate Rachel McKaque.

"Being involved with the CABPES program has taught me that African Americans have contributed to the fields of math and science immensely and that I can too," said CABPES student Adrienne Bauduit.


The Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists' (CABPES) mission is to encourage and assist underrepresented youth in the pursuit of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Background Statement

In the 1970's, a group of African American engineers came together through their shared desire to increase the representation of minorities in the technical professionals. They formed the Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists (CABPES) with the mission to encourage and assist underrepresented youth in the pursuit of careers in engineering, mathematics and the applied sciences. The organization was incorporated in the state of Colorado in 1980. CABPES has served almost 6,000 students in the last 40 years.

CABPES has a history of exposing under-represented youth to engineering with the hope of exciting them about the topic and encouraging them to study engineering in college and make it their career. This exposure provides students with new skills and knowledge and gives them an avenue for success.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette entered this tribute to CABPES into the Congressional Record to honor CABPES. "CABPES has been in the vanguard of cultivating talented youth and it has become a learning gateway for students from all walks of life desiring to expand their horizons. Its commitment to the future is of long-standing and our communities are well-advised by its example and the foresight of its founders."

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