Breeder Release Adoption Service

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We rescue puppy mill dogs, and dogs from shelters slated for euthanasia. Help support a spay or neuter which cost $70.


It is a pleasure to work with the people at Breeder Release Adoption Service. They are truly dedicated to their mission and much more. I work for a humane society in Arizona that often intakes deformed, injured, or very old dogs. Dogs that have no chance of finding a home. Yet you call these guys and they have been able to find homes for these truly undesirable animals. They are the easiest group I work with that can help solve a problem. Because of this I always refer people looking for pets that we my not have to BRAS. I hope everyone who comes in contact with these guys supports them in anyway they can. We need more groups like BRAS.


Provide help and comfort to those dogs who are being released from breeders for any reason, surrendered dogs who the owners can no longer care for, and dogs who are placed on euthanasia lists in shelters. We educate the public on the importance of altering their pets, preventing euthanasia, and the need to rescue abandoned pets. Finally, we provide support for senior dogs, hospice dogs, cruelty prevention, and assistance during emergencies.

Background Statement

Breeder Release Adoption Service has been saving animals from pain and suffering for over ten years. We are a rare group that will help the old, and crippled to find new loving homes. Those that can't find a home will live out their days at the main facility as a pet. We don't euthanize.

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Breeder Release Adoption Service

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