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Your donation supports volunteer stewardship, events and trail work on public land in Boulder County. BMA provides meals for volunteers, tools and equipment, youth corps, and professional trail consultants. We also support community building programs - group rides, skills clinics and training.


Facebook Reviews:

Jonathan Sackheim reviewed Boulder Mountainbike Alliance - 5 star December 15, 2016, "Great group of people doing great things for the community! Thanks to the BMA for helping to keep Boulder fun, healthy and happy."

Steve Watts reviewed Boulder Mountainbike Alliance - 5 star December 15, 2016, "BMA is the advocacy voice for quality trails in the greater Boulder area!"


The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance's mission is to serve as a positive voice for mountain biking in the greater Boulder Colorado area by improving the trail experience for all users through volunteerism, social rides and events, advocacy, and trail building.

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance works towards three major goals: Build and Maintain Trails, Advocate for Trail Access & Create a Community of Mountain Bikers.

Background Statement

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) is the voice for mountain bike trails in Boulder County. Originally established in 1991 as the Boulder Offroad Alliance (BOA), BMA was formed in response to the closure of nearly every trail in the Boulder area to mountain bikes. The organization represented cyclists who wanted the right to ride trails in Boulder again. In 2006, we changed our name to Boulder Mountainbike Alliance to more accurately describe our focus and mission.

Since then, we have worked nonstop to gain more trail access and have had some amazing victories. If you ride now, the landscape of trails that you use are largely a result of nearly two decades of attending public meetings, designing trails and, of course, volunteer trail building efforts. To learn about our last five year's successes visit Advocacy Success.

We design, build, and maintain trails in partnership with land management agencies in Boulder County. So far, we have completed more than 165 project days which contributed more than 27,500 hours of volunteer time. This is the equivalent of providing the land management agencies of Boulder County with a full time trail worker for more than fourteen years. The value of the contributed volunteer time alone exceeds $500,000. You can see the details at Trail Projects.

In 1996, BMA started the BMA Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol as a means of helping all users in the outdoor community to safely use our trails. Bike patrollers are not "the Man," but are volunteers who are prepared to help with bike problems, minor first aid, emergency response and, of course, provide great information about trails in the County. In 2017, our team of over 100 active patrollers spent about 18,000 hours and covered almost 11,000 miles while on patrol for Boulder City, County, and the U.S. Forest Service. You can learn more at Bike Patrol.

In 2009, BMA entered into a massive project with the City of Boulder to create one of the premier off-road urban bike parks in the country. Open since 2011, Valmont Bike Park now offers kids of all ages the chance to practice all forms of off-road biking from cross country mountain biking to jumping to cyclocross barriers right in town. In support of this effort we raised over $500,000 in public donations for the design and construction of the park.

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Boulder Mountainbike Alliance

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PO Box 4954
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