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By making a gift to Boulder County Audubon Society you are contributing to ongoing advocacy for natural lands preservation; education for youth and adults on local, regional, and global topics; and a place of camaraderie to connect the community.


Following a Special Fundraising Field Trip:
How can we thank you for such a wonderful birding and camping adventure this last weekend at Arapaho Ranch. You made it so easy for us by organizing the event, getting permission from Virginia to camp in such a magical place, providing delicious meals, and taking us out around the various birdy places on the ranch.

We really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the group and sharing our passion for birds, moose, coyotes, beaver, plants, insects, and other glories of nature. It was fun being part of an official Indian Peaks bird count and tallying up everybody's observations at the end of the trip. I learned a lot from everybody about identification of many elusive species, i.e. Lincoln's Sparrow vs. Song Sparrow, Robin vs. Black-headed Grosbeak, Chipping Sparrow vs. Junco....the list goes on. What a great gathering of alert eyes and ears. (Carol & Dave K)

Following another special fundraising field trip:
The Audubon Prairie Birds field trip was fun last night - enjoyed the birds, the company and the storm. And of course the incredible edible spread ;) And fireflies flickering as we closed out the evening - I had never seen them in CO. I appreciated the big-picture organization of this field trip, focusing on bird species of concern in Boulder County. It was interesting to think both about the broader importance of knowing what is out there (or not) and about the specific importance of protecting - sometimes fiercely - small pockets of specific habitat. (Sandra L)

Please see other comments from the public in our program descriptions. You will particularly enjoy the comments of the second and third graders who attend our Shortgrass Prairie Ecosystem Show.


The Boulder County Audubon Society is a voice for birds and wildlife conservation through habitat protection, advocacy, and nature education.

Background Statement

Boulder County Audubon was formed in 1972, and chartered by the National Audubon Society in 1974. The latter focuses on conservation issues at the national level, and has done outstanding work in educating the public about wildlife protection, as well as in conserving Important Bird Areas worldwide. BCAS, on the other hand, has a plural and more local set of focuses:

-- opportunities to enjoy nature in our County and beyond;

-- education and conservation of local natural habitats and ecosystems;

-- nature presentations in public forums;

-- advocacy at the City, County and State levels.

We retain our National Audubon affiliation to this day. One can join both the local and national groups at the same time, or focus on the local chapter. Your primary membership in the local chapter (join at our website: gives you access to our online newsletter (five issues), the option to receive our occasional online notification about activities, and gives us much more financial flexibility. Your membership in the National Audubon Society includes full access to BCAS activities, as well as the beautiful Audubon Magazine. So-- we encourage you to choose both!

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