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Blue Star Recyclers exists to create meaningful jobs for people with autism and other disAbilities by ethically recycling electronics. Earned income covers more than 90% of our expenses, but we rely on fundraising to help create more jobs.


Employee, Leigh Schilling told NBC news how every day there is a goal at Blue Star and she tries to outdo her record every day. Leigh says she feels appreciated here.
"To have people actually encourage you in a workplace makes me very, very grateful. I wish more people could be like that," she said.


Our mission is to recycle electronics and other materials to create local jobs for people with autism and other disAbilities.

Background Statement

Mission & History:

Founded in 2009 by Bill Morris and the Fagnant Family in Colorado Springs, Blue Star Recyclers is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise with a mission of creating jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment through the recycling and refurbishment of unwanted electronics.

The fulfillment of their mission to date has produced significant social, environmental, and economic impact, including:

* Over 35 million pounds of electronics ethically recycled to date.

* Meaningful and competitive employment for over 50 people with disabilities at Blue Star Recyclers, and over 100 other jobs for people with disabilities through other employers replicating our model.

*Over $25 million in positive economic impact and taxpayer savings by reducing dependence upon and utilization of government funded benefits for our workforce.

Blue Star funds over 90% of its operating budget through earned income from their recycling operations, with the remainder coming from grants, individual donations, and corporate sponsorships. All with less than 5% administrative fees.

Our Programs:

1. Colorado Recycling Operations in Denver, CO

2. Blue Star International: Workforce development and inclusion program for other employers.

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Blue Star Recyclers

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