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Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. is dedicated to the care and rescue of horses. In addition, we train and rehabilitate horses to the end that they can be successfully adopted. Blue Rose Ranch has established volunteer programs for all ages. We also welcome visitors and civic groups to the ranch.


Due to financial concerns, including a foreclosure, I was desperate to find a quality home for my two horses. My retired Park Ranger horse, Riley, is not able to be ridden. My other horse, Scout, is. After three failed attempts with others who said they wanted them and either changed their minds or their place was unsuitable, I was contacted by Cheryl Webb of the Blue Rose Ranch.

We talked three times by phone and within days, I had both my horses there. I have to say, it is by far, the cleanest, neatest horse facility I have seen. They had a very professional program for donations that include clear and concise information to the former owner as to how the horses will be used and/or moved to another home. I observed a volunteer working and training horses and all their animals were in excellent condition.

In fact, my horses had not been there more than 36 hours and they had already been groomed, Scout had been ridden, and Riley spoiled by adults and children that are part of Blue Rose Ranch's horse education and riding program.

I made it clear to the Webb's that I was truly out of options and was having to consider putting Riley down. They saved us both from that fate and I can't express how grateful I am.

In my conversations with Cheryl and John it is clear that they have spent most of their working adult lives in preparation for this center. They have planned for the necessary financial resources, have gained community support and clearly are experienced horse people who are willing to reach out and help folks like me, educate the public about horses, and prevent cruelty to these animals at risk.

Thomas J. Welle
Castle Rock, CO

I have worked with Blue Rose Ranch for five years. John and Cheryl Webb do a wonderful job with unwanted horses. Any time I have visited their facilities, they are well maintained, and the horses are well cared for.

As the ranch's veterinarian, I have performed many different tasks for John and Cheryl in regard to animal husbandry. I generally castrate any incoming stallions that are rescued. I have outlined an overall health plan with regard to vaccination, worming, and oral health for incoming animals. Through the years I have floated a number of elderly horses' teeth. I have x-rayed joints and sewn up a few wounds. All this says to me that John and Cheryl truly care about the animals under their stewardship. If they did not, I would not see them nearly as often.

I have seen some truly remarkable cases of rescued animals. I recall one particular animal that was nearly starved to death. This animal could hardly stand on his own. He was basically a walking skeleton. I checked this animal's teeth, and we wormed him. Frankly, I would have bet that the horse would not make it through the week's end. I saw the animal 8 or 9 months later and had to be reminded that I had seen him before. He was a new animal.

The bottom line for writing this letter, I assume, is to assure the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance that their grant money will not be squandered and that it will be put to use as it is intended to help unwanted horses. There are few assurances in life, but I am 100% certain that this grant will be put to good use for the intended purpose.


Rusty L. Murdock, DVM
Boise City Animal Hospital
Boise City, OK


Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. is dedicated to the care and rescue of horses. In addition, we train and rehabilitate horses to the end that they can be successfully adopted to qualified persons with qualified facilities. We believe in the therapeutic nature of the interaction between horses and people, and that working with horses promotes responsibility and self esteem. According to these beliefs, Blue Rose Ranch partners with Springfield and Baca County through our established youth riding and volunteer programs. We also welcome community, youth, and civic groups to the ranch.

Background Statement

Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. was founded in 2006 by John and Cheryl Webb because of their concern regarding the growing problem of unwanted horses and the typically inhumane treatment of horses caught in the transport to slaughter facilities. The Webb's had volunteered for many years at rescue operations in the Denver area, and searched for an acreage suitable to establish a facility that would allow horses to experience a natural life, thus leading to horses better prepared to be adopted to new permanent homes. Blue Rose Ranch operates on hundreds of acres in SE Colorado. Most of the main ranch is grassland over which the horses roam and graze, with a portion planted for hay and baled each season for use by the rescue. The rescue also has corrals, shelters, and horse training facilities. The location of the main ranch, two miles north of Springfield and along U.S. Hwy 287, allows easy access for volunteers and high visibility for the rescue operation. The expanded acreage we have acquired includes three additional areas where horses are released to graze. We find that when horses experience this natural horse life, there is healing from emotional abuse. Our horses are monitored daily for their safety and well being. Blue Rose Ranch currently has capacity for 60 horses.

The greatest change from the original purpose of the organization's founding has been the development of the youth riding programs. While the expectation of volunteers wanting to work with horses was anticipated, and while we always appreciated the therapeutic nature of working with horses, the organized programs were an outgrowth to meet the needs of a community with few outlets for youth in the towns in Baca County. Our "horse companionship/walking program" has proven highly successful. Seniors are matched with horses that can no longer be ridden, and both the seniors and horses benefit from the attention and exercise. The ranch also provides programs in cooperation with scouting organizations, church youth and church family groups, as well as 4-H.

Our observations and work in the horse industry have led us to believe that the future of horse rescue lies in Rural America, where land can still be purchased for a relatively low cost. Most horse rescues are operating and frankly, attempting to survive on very small acreages in and around populous areas where access to feed, stables, range land for grazing, and virtually all things needed for healthy horses, are impossibly expensive, restricted, unavailable and labor intensive. We are expanding our work and believe our innovative model of horse rescue is the solution, going forward, for both the increasing numbers of unwanted horses in America and for horse rescue operations that seek to be sustainable and solvent in the years ahead.

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