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Your support directly impacts the lives of women and couples who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We walk with them through their journey and provide material resources, lay counseling, and referrals to other organizations which can help them with their needs.  Thank you for your support! 


Katie - A Birthline Story

Katie found Birthline's website and saw right away that we had a contact form to send a message. In her message, she simply asked if we could help her with baby clothes and diapers. We saw her message immediately and emailed back - we would be happy to help her out! Katie didn't reply, and we wondered if we'd ever hear from her again. But just two hours later, Katie came into our office. The first thing we did was invite Katie into a quiet, comfortable counseling room to talk with a volunteer advocate. Through the long conversation that followed, it became clear that helping with diapers was only part of the reason God had brought Katie to Birthline. She told us she has two small children with her boyfriend, who recently lost his job. They were evicted from their home and had to move in with Katie's parents. Her boyfriend has children from a previous relationship, but they are struggling through a custody battle. Katie broke down in tears as she explained the difficulty of their situation, and it was clear how much she loved not only her two little ones, but her boyfriend's children as well. At the same time, her own mother's health is going downhill, and Katie told us she wishes she could get married before her mother passes away. We were able to be there for Katie as she shared everything that was on her heart. Our advocate made sure Katie knew about Lloyd, our Men's Ministry pastor, who can help with free marriage counseling and wedding resources. Katie was so happy to take this information home. We also sent her with diapers, outfits, pajamas and a winter coat for her baby, letting her know that she can come back every month to receive support and baby items. We committed to being there for Katie through this journey, giving her all the help and love we can. Before she left, Katie told us we were a "Godsend" - but I tend to think that perhaps Katie was a Godsend to us!

A Grandmother's Need for Help….

Our door at Birthline is always open to assist anyone in need of help with their baby. We never know who the Lord will send to us and it's exciting to see the divine appointments that happen so often here. This is one story that recently took place: Cindy came through our doors in serious need of help for her sweet baby granddaughter. Her granddaughter is living with her now because the baby's mother was not able to care for her and the family she had been with was in turmoil. Cindy wanted to provide for the baby girl, but didn't have the means, since she had just moved into an apartment after coming out of a homeless situation.
As Cindy spoke, we could see that her granddaughter was very anxious, having gone through so much rejection and upheaval in her short life. The child's only stability and trust was with her grandmother, and she clung to her tightly. Cindy told us that nothing was more important to her than protecting and providing for her little blonde, blue-eyed 18-month old granddaughter, but she didn't know where to turn. She told us that all she had to eat that day was an apple and half of a banana. Cindy did not have any clothes and food for the baby. This was our opportunity to use our resources to guide Cindy and her granddaughter in the right direction, to provide clothes and food, and to help Cindy figure out what steps she needed to take next. We found as many resources as we could for Cindy and her granddaughter, and assisted her in purchasing some healthy food for them both. We were so blessed that God used Birthline to support them through this very difficult time. Cindy was overwhelmed during her visit and couldn't hold back her tears as she went from feeling hopeless to knowing their needs were being taken care of! We praise the Lord for her courage and strength in seeking out the help she needed. God always works in our lives and gives us beautiful opportunities as we step forward in faith, knowing He will meet the needs of those who come to us. What a mighty God we serve!

A Father Is Thankful for Birthline

Today a man came into Birthline and gave us a donation. He asked if we accept cash donations and said that he wanted to donate because we had helped him and his two sons and he is so thankful that we are here doing what we do. He wouldn't accept a receipt; just opened up his wallet and laid down some money on the desk.

"Sometimes, you never get to find out what happens. People move or don't follow up and you wonder how they are doing, if everything if okay. Sometimes, it's like that at Birthline too. People come in for a pregnancy test and counselling, and never return. You pray for them and wonder what happened...


Birthline is a Christian, nonprofit Pregnancy Resource Center founded in 1981, currently housed in the House of Neighborly Services building in Loveland, Colorado. Birthline’s heart and principles are the same today as when founded, and are expressed in its current Vision, Mission, and Values here:

Because we have been loved perfectly as children by God the Father through Jesus the Son Birthline of Loveland Pregnancy Resource Center has…

…the vision of a community where mothers and couples of unintended pregnancies are themselves loved and supported so much that all choose to bring their babies to term, and all might thrive in their new life together…

…the mission of offering real support to expecting mothers and couples from the time of their baby’s conception and throughout the young parental years, so as to safeguard the lives of born and unborn children and to open doors to gospel conversations…

…the emphasized Christian values of non-judgmental compassion, unwavering forthrightness, and covenantal commitment to those whom we are blessed and fortunate enough to serve.

Background Statement

In 1979, three couples in Loveland, Colorado met around a kitchen table with the local Catholic priest and brainstormed how to help meet the physical and emotional needs of young women and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. There was no such thing as a "crisis pregnancy center" in Loveland at that time. Guided by the statement, "It is the right of every woman to give birth, and the right of every child to born," this small group of dedicated volunteers found some office space, took calls on their home phones and did whatever it took to support young women in their time of need.

Over the years, many things have changed, but our commitment to that motto has never wavered. We now have a bigger space where we offer confidential pregnancy testing and counseling, as well as providing maternity and baby clothes, diapers and more. We also have a web page and a Facebook page, but more than ever, we have a heart for the unborn. The Lord has indeed blessed us in our mission, and we look forward to helping another generation of women and their loved ones.

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