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Big Thompson Watershed Coalition started as a grassroots organization to respond to 2013 flood recovery needs on private and public lands. In 2016, the Coalition became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, working to improve the health and resilience of the Big Thompson watershed for the communities and wildlife it benefits. Since then we have worked to increase our impact in the watershed through stream and river restoration, forest health and management, wildfire recovery, and community engagement.

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You can double your donation and your impact with our matching donation challenge starting November 1st and going through Colorado Gives Day on December 5th.

Two of BTWC’s long-time supporters and donors are challenging us to raise $5,000 to match their $5,000 donation. This means, with the help of supporters like you, we could raise $10,000 for the Coalition’s efforts to enhance the health and vitality of the Big Thompson watershed! 

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Your donation to Big Thompson Watershed Coalition will support:

- Our four program areas in the watershed

-Keeping the lights on. No kidding! Funding a non-profit takes more than just grant funding. To keep the organization running smoothly there are many administrative costs that aren’t covered by our grants. While costs are low, donations are critical to ensuring we can continue to bring in new project funding to support our efforts to increase watershed health and resilience.

You can also help us achieve our goal of raising $5,000 by spreading the word! Millions of Coloradoans rely on the Big Thompson watershed for water, recreation, beauty, and more. Let you friends and family know why YOU support BTWC and why their support helps us all!

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Testimonial on the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition's Fishing Pier Project:
"I was the manager of the fishing pier project some 30+ years ago and never thought I would personally benefit from the fishing opportunity the pier provided for disabled veterans and civilians. Here I am now, a veteran with Parkinson's, and I would love to have the opportunity to fish and enjoy the absolutely beautiful outdoor location without worrying about access and safety. It's been over three years since the disabled civilian and veteran fishing community has had access to the Big Thompson -- it's time to fix the pier!" Bob Trout, Big Thompson Recreator, Colorado resident.

Testimonial on the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition's Glen Haven River Restoration Project:
"The physical repairs to West Creek and Fox Creek will improve river functions, making these streams more resilient to future floods, while improving animal habitat and overall ecology and aesthetics. It is felt that these projects will improve safety and the protection of existing structures and Association roads and bridges. This project should also jump start the natural restoration and regrowth processes. We are all looking forward to the return of the good-life in Glen Haven. Before the 2013 flood, the Glen was known for its quiet lay-back Western atmosphere and as a beautiful place to relax and have fun with family and friends. Since the flood, it has been a non-stop heavy equipment work zone with constant reminders of that dreadful event. Completion of this project, along with a couple of others, should help bring us back to a "new" normal. The Glen Haven community is grateful toward everyone that helped us recover, including those involved with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and Larimer County project on Fox Creek and West Creek." Gene Downey, Glen Haven Association Board Member

"Thanks to the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and all those you are still working with to bring back West Creek, Fox Creek and the North Fork from the 2013 disaster. I no longer wonder where Glen Haven would be without Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and its partner government agencies, contractors, non-profits, volunteers, contributors etc. Now my focus is all forward as I marvel at what has been accomplished and the bright future before us." - Jack Vaughan, Glen Haven Property Owner

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Working with others to take action that protects and restores the health and vitality of the Big Thompson watershed for the use and enjoyment of our community.

Background Statement

The Big Thompson Watershed Coalition (BTWC) initiated as a group of private landowners, public agencies, and community members gathering in a local fly shop to organize and plan flood recovery needs following the 2013 floods. We began flood recovery work in 2014 and became a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2015. From 2014-2018, BTWC sourced almost $15 million in federal, state, and local grant funds to support and implement 16 river restoration and infrastructure improvement projects along 10 miles of the Big Thompson River. With flood recovery projects largely wrapped up in 2018, BTWC began to shift its focus toward building resilience in the watershed to improve the long-term function of the river system so it can continue to provide freshwater resources and livelihoods for the 1+ million Northern CO residents who depend on it. This took shape in two forms: a collaborative, stakeholder-driven River Envisioning Project which used community feedback and scientific assessments to build a 20-year vision to sustain and enhance the Big Thompson River; and forestry projects to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk. The River Envisioning Project was completed in 2021 and our forestry program has continued to grow, with three forest management projects completed and more to come. In 2020, a new need in the watershed quickly formed after the catastrophic Cameron Peak Fire – wildfire recovery. Since Cameron Peak Fire, BTWC has sourced almost $5 million in grant funding to complete aerial mulching to reduce erosion and sediment from entering our waterways, to provide landowners with recovery supplies such as native seed, and to implement in-stream projects to reduce the impacts from post-wildfire flooding.

As we continue to grow the Coalition and our work in the watershed, we acknowledge the importance of this working river not only as a freshwater resource, but as a connective channel that links our diverse and growing community through environment, agriculture, industry, economic development, tourism, recreation, and a way of life. Whether you are a resident within the watershed, a downstream water user, or one of millions who visit and explore the Big Thompson River every year, this waterway holds special value to the livelihoods and lifestyles of those connected to it and we are honored to be a part of protecting those values.

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