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Currently, we are wanting to open another facility to support 10 more individuals. We were able to purchase the property adjacent to our other two buildings and are looking to raise funds for the remodeling and updating of this building to meet current regulations for assisted living facilities.


"Our loved one is treated with respect and the staff members are like family. As family members, we are so relieved that our loved one is under the care of the very responsible BethHaven staff members. Because of their care and the fact they are quick to recognize any symptoms of decompensation, our loved one is finally the most stable that they have ever been since the onset of their difficult mental illness."

"I really lost hope until he got well enough to move to BethHaven Group Home in Colorado Springs in April 2019. Since being there, he has gained weight, has been participating in activities such as playing games, going on outings, church, camping etc. He has been taking his medications and following up with his psychiatrist's appointments routinely"

"Bethhaven has been a literal lifesaver for my brother who suffers from schizophrenia. Without Bethhaven, I'm not sure that my brother would be alive today. Bethhaven provides not only shelter, meals, and medication for people who suffer from mental illness but also a wonderful community for all of its residents. The staff at Bethhaven continually go above and beyond to make sure our loved ones are safe."


BethHaven exists to prove a safe and supportive home for adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. Our hope is to provide the minimal level of support necessary to allow our residents to succeed in their life goals.

Background Statement

BethHaven Incorporated is a privately funded nonprofit organization founded in October of 1980. Elizabeth G. Moffit and Stella L. Colby contributed the original funding. Mrs. Colby continued fiscal support and served as executive director without monetary compensation for approximately five years, after which time, an executive director was hired.

The first residence, BethHaven Home, opened on February 8, 1982 at 504 East Willamette Avenue. It provides a home for twelve people. A second residence, Duncan-Hart Home, opened in March 1995 and provides a home for sixteen additional persons and two independent living apartments.

We currently support 28 individuals with mental illness through medication management, supporting them with their doctors' appointments, preparing meals for them, and offering a variety of activities both in our facility and out in the community.

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BethHaven Incorporated

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Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

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616 N. Royer St
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616 N. Royer St.
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