Berthoud Golden Links, Inc.

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For persons living in and near Berthoud CO who find their lives overwhelmed by transporting their aging parents or other adult family members, who cannot drive, to their multiple appointments, RAFT provides them relief and transports their loved ones safely, giving back everyone their independence.


"I was stuck at home watching TV all day while my wife worked. Once RAFT had a PARA van I could go to the Senior Center and have coffee with friends or to the bank. I was even able to buy flowers for my wife for our 50th anniversary!"

"Before we had RAFT, it cost us $120 for mom to have one round trip to the doctor."

"I tried to get a ride to therapy and it was going to cost me $67 one way. A round trip would have been $137. No way could I pay this three times a week!"

"Availability and flexibility have been enormously helpful and much appreciated."

"I broke my leg and RAFT helped me and my caretaker to go to orthopedic appointments in Loveland. The drivers were on time, professional and interesting to talk to. It is a comfort to know you are there.

"Thank you so very much for your service. My mom is so blessed by not only your service, but by your drivers! They are such a blessing. A highlight to my mom's week."

You are a God send to all who need to get to a doctor and there is no public transportation available in our area.


The mission for Berthoud Golden Links/ Project RAFT is to augment existing public transportation systems in the Berthoud area with a volunteer driver program. This will assure that rural residents 60 years of age and older and adults with disabilities (who are unable to drive) maintain their independence in order to remain in their homes as long as feasible. RAFT will accomplish this by providing access from qualifying areas into Berthoud, Loveland, and Longmont for medical, employment, educational, wellness, professional, nutritional, and social purposes.

Background Statement

Berthoud Golden Links, Inc., has overseen the Senior Center in Berthoud CO.since 1989. In 2013 the Town of Berthoud trustees limited town transit services to the town limits effectively isolating the rural senior population and adults with disabilities residing outside of town from access to medical, educational, employment, professional, nutritional, wellness, and social services if they could not drive themselves. Private taxi and shared rides come from near by towns and are prohibitive in cost..

With a 2013 development grant from the Larimer County Office on Aging, citizens began a volunteer driver program under the non-profit Berthoud Goldlen Links, Inc. RAFT picks up older adults and those with disabilities within the 102 square mile area of the Berthoud Fire Protection District. Golden Links including Project RAFT have no paid staff. All are volunteers: Golden LInks Director, RAFT Coordinator and 32 volunteer drivers. Rides are at no cost though donations are encouraged.

In 2013 RAFT provided 900+ rides. In 2018 RAFT provided some 2,600 rides encompassing 50,000 miles. This includes a PARA van so that no otherwise eligible rider is left isolated due to wheel chair based mobility. RAFT has been recognized with a STAR Award for Innovation from the National Center for Volunteer Transportation Programs in Washing DC. It is our belief that no individual should suffer isolation due to advancing age, disability, or rural location.

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